WelcometoYEEBEEgames Receives A Ban From Reverie eSports

      Within Reverie eSports there is no toleration for any inappropriate and/or toxic behavior. Unfortunately  during the Reverie eSports League of Legends Invitational #1 a player whose Summoner Name is Aquilo was completely toxic after his loss in the finals to Dark Wave White in the post game chat. Since Aquilo was a member of WelcometoYEEBEEgames, his team and all of its players have received a One Week Ban. They will not be allowed to compete in the Reverie eSports League of Legends Open #2. If their team captain, MultiRainbow, decides to continue competing in the Reverie eSports weekly tournament series he must use the team name WelcometoYEEBEEgames.

      While the One Week Ban applies to everyone on WelcometoYEEBEEgames, Aquilo has received much harsher punishments. Aquilo has been banned for life from any Reverie eSports tournament. We will be fully committed to enforce this ban and will search for possible “Smurfs” or secondary accounts that Aquilo may use. If any of these secondary accounts are found, they will be banned as well.

– Written by Williaf

– Edited by Williaf

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