Tournaments Newsletter of 7/10/2016

Clash Royale

      At the current time we will not be hosting tournaments for Clash Royale on the Battlefy platform as we would be limited to the fifty players in our clan. We would not be able to expand the competition of the tournament. Also, the data and users we would provide to our partner, Battlefy, would not be of any merit. Moving forward, we will not be hosting tournaments for Clash Royale within the app itself due to the fact that we would be losing money on a weekly basis. If we are able to gain revenue elsewhere in the near future, we would consider hosting Clash Royale in app tournaments. As for now, our funds are limited and we will be using them elsewhere.

League of Legends

      Despite us not looking to expand into Clash Royale tournaments, we do have an upgrade for our Saturday night League of Legends open division tournaments! Prizes will be coming back for next Saturday, 7/16/2016, as the first place finishing team will receive a free entry to our League of Legends Buy In Open Tournament Series! We are excited that prizes will be returning to our League of Legends tournaments!

      Instead of hosting a buy in open tournament every weekend for League of Legends we have decided to host only one per month. After the first month of hosting the tournament our numbers were so low that it got to a point where we could not even host the tournament. With this new system of hosting the tournament once a month, there will be plenty of teams already in the tournament from our Saturday night open division tournaments which would result in a bigger prize pool and greater amount of teams to feel comfortable in joining the tournament. This would also bring back some attention to our Saturday night tournaments just as they used to prior to the Riot Games decision made in May of 2016 to remove prizing packages. Best of luck to everyone competing in our new League of Legends tournament system!

Written and Edited by Williaf

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