Tournament Newsletter of 8/6/2016

Clash Royale

      I am proud to announce that Reverie Esports will officially be expanding further into a second video game! From now on the last Friday of every month we will be hosting a Clash Royale tournament. Reverie Esports will always support this tournament with 500 gems ($5.00 Value), those who are interested in crowdfunding the tournament are more than welcome to donate gems to the prize pool via PayPal.

League of Legends

      A surplus in our marketing budget has been slowly developing and we have decided to double the amount of the prize pool for our Saturday night tournaments! From now on the value of a paid entry to our monthly buy in open tournaments will be $12.00 instead of $6.00. This will also double the fees for teams to join our monthly buy in open tournaments.

Written and Edited by William “Williaf” Ferdinando

Featured Image provided by Riot Games

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