Tips and Tricks: Warding… It Wins Games!


      Have you ever just had the worst time in lane; people coming in ganking you repeatedly? You ward that bush then they come through another. Maybe you’re just walking through your jungle and BOOM a Volibear! Or even worse a Rengar! Well I am here to tell you some places to ward and what to buy to make it easier.


      There is a difference for buying wards as an AD Carry, Top, and Mid compared to Support and Jungle. An item known as Sight Stone is well known and commonly used by many players. This item is great for Supports; in some cases it is viable for you as a Jungler. As a Support having Sight Stone you want to have control of vision on the bottom side of the jungle and the bottom lane. As a Jungler you want to help top have vision of the top side of the jungle. I would say as a Top and Mid you should buy for close wards such as river warding. And as AD Carry wards for your tri-bush. TRI-BUSH is your FRIEND! Ward that tri-bush every chance you can.


      Warding at the right time is important as well. You want to go incognito mode when you go off to ward if possible. You don’t want to leave lane in sight of the enemy then come back immediately, especially in the top lane. If you do, your enemies are able to assume that you just warded and that makes it easier to destroy or setup a different route for ganks. Wait it out leave when the lane is frozen (when the minions are attacking one another and neither side is pushing towards a tower) and there is no enemy would be the best situation.


      This is the part you want to know I am sure! Let’s say you are anywhere as any lane. Ask yourself, “Where should I put ONE ward that could change this game?” TRI-BUSH IS THE ANSWER! Let’s say you get a ward down on three to four of them on the map; that will increase vision greatly for your team. Also, make sure to ward objectives such as Dragon and Baron. These are major factors on Summoner’s Rift that can turn a game around. Even if the opposing team kills one of these objectives before your team, get vision of them to have a timer as to when the objective will re-spawn. This will give you the opportunity to get the next objective and win!


      In the vision aspect of this game there are different types of wards. There are vision, stealth and trinkets. The first is a vision ward, this ward will stay where it is at until you place a second or it is destroyed by an enemy champ. The vision ward reveals enemy stealth wards and invisible champs or other invisible objects such as Teemo’s Mushrooms. The next is stealth wards, they will last for three minutes and then disappear they do nothing but vision for you; however, they still are very viable. The third is your ward trinket that places a stealth ward that lasts one minute. This trinket can be upgraded at the store to become one vision ward trinket or three stealth wards placed on the map.

League of Legends - Stealth Ward   League of Legends - Vision Ward   League of Legends - Warding Totem

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– Written by LightningWhisper

– Edited by Williaf

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