The League of Freeze

      With the Team Solomid open tryouts for a new AD Carry well… over… Aleš “Freeze” Kněžínek is still a topic of conversation, even if he won’t be the one to fill the role. First, it was Team Liquid that was rumored to be looking to bring in Freeze when it was uncertain they were going to bring back Piglet. Next, he was looking to compete with WildTurtle and others to be a part of the new face of Team Solomid. After having what could still be considered a very successful Spring and Summer Split in the EU LCS despite Copenhagen Wolves inconsistencies, it’s no surprise that multiple LCS teams have shown interest. Here’s why Freeze can make an immediate impact on a new LCS team as it has become apparent he won’t be back with the Wolves.

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First: His Massive Champion Pool

      In the EU LCS Summer Split alone this season, Freeze played nine different champions, showing especially exceptional performances on Draven and Kalista (even though he saw Draven banned away from him nearly every game). For reference, Fnatic’s Rekkles, who’s considered to have a relatively wide champion pool, played five different champions in that timeframe. With Freeze being the main focus of the Wolves’ opposition, his versatility was absolutely critical in remaining relevant throughout the split. This leads me to my next point.

Second: Comfort Playing In the Face of Massive Focus From the Opposition

      Freeze showed this split that he has the ability to hard carry games, even when the opposing team knew that getting him fed was practically the only realistic win condition for the Copenhagen Wolves. He was one of few AD Carries to consistently receive two target bans, not to mention the kind of attention he received in the bot lane from the opposing Jungler (and Top Laner for that matter due to the current Teleport meta).  His elite caliber positioning left him with the highest KDA on his team at 4.4, double that of any of his teammates. Again, for reference, Piglet had a 3.6 KDA on a Liquid team that many expected to make the trip to Berlin for Worlds.  

Third: Playing With Better Players Makes You Better. Period.

      Even though it looks like there won’t be a former Wolve’s meetup with Bjergson and Freeze, he is still likely to find himself among some stellar talent no matter who he finally decides to sign with. Not to knock the Wolves current talent, but it’s evident that they are in the process of a much needed rebuild and Freeze could use the change of pace of a new squad. This will take pressure off and allow him to thrive on a smaller champion pool (DRAAAAAAAAAVEN). While Freeze may not receive all the resources he once did with the Wolves, I’m sure he will see this as a welcomed change.

      I’m not going to say you heard it here first, because you probably didn’t, but with many of the League’s top teams looking to rebuild more so than in years past (NA in particular), whatever team is able to finally grab Freeze, he is sure to play no small role in the shakeup of their respective League. That being said, my bold prediction is that we should expect to see Freeze on a Top Three team looking to take a trip to worlds, and maybe even rivaling for an MVP position.

Written by 2Piece

Edited by Williaf


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