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Engage Team Composition



Malphite: One of the best engage ultimates in League. Perfect to set up a teamfight, long range and huge knock-up. When combined with Teleport he can find a great flank and engage by surprise. Also good at chasing. It has great synergy with champions like Yasuo, Orianna, Leona, Amumu…


sasaaZac: Unexpected engages from miles away! Really long range, with good damage and knock-up. His passive is useful to survive if he’s focused when he engages. Bad side is that he takes his time to charge the jump, however the huge gap close makes up for it. Again he has good synergy with Yasuo, Lulu, Orianna…

32_Web_0Amumu: He’s awesome at teamfighting only because of his ultimate. That AoE stun is extremely powerful but he’s not really surprising, enemy team will know that Amumu is going to engage. If he’s able to find a flank from behind he can win a teamfight easily.


Orianna_Square_0Orianna: The Queen of the Midlane. She excels at everything and synergizes pretty well with every engage champion. She only needs to put her ball into a hard engager teammate like Malphite, then use her ultimate on him when Malphite knock-up the enemy team. The best Wombo Combo of all. Also she can shield and speed teammates.


Ashe_Cuadrado_VUAshe: Ashe has presence in the whole map due to her ult but you can also use her ult to engage in a single target. Great to stun someone who’s misspositioning and follow up with other kind of CC. For example Leona works pretty well with Ashe in lane, they can chain CC easily and shut down whoever in lane.


Leona_Square_0Leona: Tanky support with multiple CC is perfect for a hard engage composition. She can easily pick up someone who’s misspositioning with her gap close or initiate a fight with a multiple man ultimate. Also she can follow other hard engages such as Malphite, Orianna, Zac, Amumu…


Disengage and Poke Team Composition


68b706b20653a136d4def735f881ea26Jayce: Powerful poke with some kind of disengage. His speed gate is useful for disengaging, speeding up the whole team when the enemy team tries to engage. His shock blast is going to be a beautiful and hurting ability to poke them down. In the other side melee form is useful to disengage and peel.

trundleTrundle: Trundle is perfect to disengage when the enemy team chases you. He can easily slow and stop the enemy with the pillar. He can also go jungle.


nidaleeNidalee: Same as Jayce. Long range and huge damage. If she knows how to aim she can easily kill somebody who’s already low. She also has a heal, not that big though. The cougar form is really useful to clean fights when the enemy team is low as well as an escape.


xerathXerath: Low cooldowns, high damage, finisher ult. Xerath is so annoying in terms of poke. He can easily clear waves and siege towers or the base due to his infinite poke. His passive helps him to not run out of mana. One full combo of his and he can kill whoever he wants, but his function is basically poke to make them back or kill them slowly.

Lulu_Square_0Lulu: We could say Lulu has almost everything. Her peeling is outstanding, however don’t underestimate her damage. Good at poking and disengaging thanks to her slows. Also the ultimate could be clutch if you get engaged. She can also go top lane or as support.

LuxSquare1Lux: Only one word. Lasers. Lux is able to burst down any squishy but at the same time she can poke the enemy team quite easily thanks to her low cooldowns. The double snare is awesome to deal some AoE damage if followed by E and ult. In my opinion Xerath is better at poking but Lux has more survability.


varusVarus: Lately Varus has been played in mid lane but you can also play him as ADC. His poke is great but I would say his ult is the most important part. He can use it either for avoiding an engage or to engage when they are low enough.

ezrealEzreal: His Q has low cooldown and the blink is always useful. I recommend to give up a little of damage and build Blue Ezreal to slow the enemies and make it easy for the teammates to land CC or more damage.

tristanaTristana: Tristana is really good at destroying objectives, she fits really well in a poke comp that sieges towers. She’s also pretty safe with her jump and ultimate. Pick her if you have already enough poke.    


b19ab18a-fc2f-4535-843e-aef7481a5ff2-0Janna: One of the best supports to disengage and her shield works wonderfully with AD champions. Pick her if the enemy team has big engagers such as Rengar, Malphite, Zac etc.

sonaSona: Sona works awesome in poke compositions. Hymn of Valor (Q) grants allies bonus damage on their next attack. That will make poke more effective, plus Sona’s damage is no joke. Also her ult is good as engage but also as disengage.

Written by Losties

Edited by Williaf

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