. Date of Event: Sunday, July 30th, 2017
. Check In Time Starts: 4:15 PM EDT
. Check In Time Ends: 5:15 PM EDT
. Start Time: 5:15 PM EDT
. Tournament Organizers: REV Williaf, Serene Squirtle, and REV James
. Entry Fee per Team: $12.00 USD
. Shoutcasters: EffectFX and Octavian
. Live Stream:


. All communication for our tournaments will take place in our Discord App server
. Click HERE to begin chatting with us!


. 1st Place: 100% of the Prize Pool
. Cash Prize Pool = [(Entry Fee) * (# of Teams Registered)] + (Donations)


. Map: Summoner's Rift
. Players: 5v5
. Tournament Type: Single Elimination
. Match Type: Best of One (Bo1)
. In the Finals the match type will be Best of Three (Bo3)
. Any unsportsmanlike conduct and/or toxic behavior will not be tolerated, a single individual who has these traits will cause his/her team to be removed from the tournament
. Teams have ten minutes of pause time available to them. If they don't start the game within ten minutes they must continue with their issue or forfeit
. All players of any Ranked Queue Elo Rating may join this tournament!
. In the event of two or more teams having the same amount of qualifier points, the team who scored the greatest amount of points, from an individual qualifier tournament, first, will break the tie, and place higher in the standings


. During registration, teams have the ability to register two preferred substitutes on the Battlefy website
. Random players who have not registered on the Battlefy website may not be used as substitutes unless both teams agree to having a random player be a substitute


Check-In Process

. Starting at 4:15 PM EDT, teams will have an hour to check in to the tournament
. To check in to the tournament, click the "Check In" button on the Reverie Esports or Battlefy website

Qualifier Points Standings

. 1st: Wind and Rain NA [10 Points]
. 2nd: Kinesis.Green [6 Points]
. T-3rd: Team 7x (Here We Win) [4 Points]
. T-3rd: Super Nova Esports [4 Points]
. T-5th: Serene Esports [2 Points]
. T-5th: Delusional Esports [2 Points]
. T-5th: Olympic Hamsters [2 Points]
. T-8th: Docs Big Dongers [1 Point]
. T-8th: Vivid Esports [1 Point]
. T-8th: cx [1 Point]
. T-8th: Korean Kulture Klub [1 Point]
. T-8th: Villainous Fruits [1 Point]
. T-8th: Super Nova Misfits [1 Point]
. The following qualifier points standings are the results from the first and second qualifier tournaments of the Reverie Rift Cup #4 season of July, 2017

Game Creation

. All matches will be created by using Tournament Codes
. Tournament Codes can be acquired from the live brackets on the Battlefy website; however, only Team Captains have the ability to get Tournament Codes directly from the Battlefy brackets. If your Team Captain is not available please contact a Tournament Organizer to get a Tournament Code
. To use the tournament codes, click to the Play button in the League of Legends client and then look for the trophy icon in the upper right corner of the client. Click this button and paste the tournament code into it to access the game lobby of your tournament match.
. The top sided team will be on the blue side while the bottom sided team will be on the red side. In a Best of Three series, teams will swap sides for Game 2 and Game 3
. If a team does not show up ten minutes after a game in created that team will be disqualified
. When in Champion Select, after a choice is made (Example: A champion is locked in) that is the final decision. If Champion Select is exited by either team everything must continue as it was chosen in the exact order including Champion Picks and Bans, unless a client glitch occurs or a filler pick is made and both teams are informed
. If a team does not have a full roster of five players they have the option to play with less than five players