Rift Cup Review of 6/29/2017: Consistent Gaming Esports


     The Rift Cup Review is a weekly article series that is published on Thursdays to keep those within Reverie Esports’ community and the amateur League of Legends scene up to date as to what is occurring in the Reverie Rift Cup Qualifier tournaments. On the week following a Reverie Rift Cup tournament, the Rift Cup Review is published on Wednesday instead of Thursday.

Free Agent Review

     The top player drafted in the Reverie Rift Cup #3 Qualifier #4 tournament was placed on Free Agent Team #2. The Diamond III middle laner, KT Smoke, excelled in both of the matches he played in. Starting off the night in the prequarterfinals round as the #8 seed, Free Agent Team #2 got a commanding victory against Free Agent Team #1 as KT Smoke played Anivia and managed to finish the game with a KDA Ratio of 5.00. Moving on to the quarterfinals round, Free Agent Team #2 had the odds against them as they met up with the #1 seed, Team 7. Despite facing a much more seasoned and organized team, KT Smoke was able to stay on top of his A-game while achieving a KDA Ratio of 3.00 as he finished up the night on Echo. Ultimately, KT Smoke finished the tournament with a 4.00 KDA Ratio; organized teams should look to pick him up if they are in need of a middle laner!

Detailed Match Results | Free Agent Team #2 | Prequarterfinals Round

Detailed Match Results | Free Agent Team #2 | Quarterfinals Round

Top Performances Review

     King of Uganda was also the King of KDA Ratios this past weekend! The starting support of Here We Win finished out the tournament with a KDA Ratio of 24.00 over the course of three games as he topped the leader boards while competing as Bard and Thresh. The bottom lane for Here We Win sure was a force to be reckoned with as the AD Carry of Here We Win, Pawsu, earned the most gold throughout the tournament as he was able to earn on average 424 gold per minute while competing as Lucian. I would go as far to say that King of Uganda and Pawsu are talented enough to be competing for North American professional academy league teams in 2018 this upcoming Spring.

Detailed Statistics

Consistent Gaming Esports

     Formally known as Combat Gaming Esports, the top team in the Reverie Rift Cup #3 qualifier tournaments was able to average 3.75 qualifier points per tournament, to put this into another perspective, Combat Gaming Esports nearly averaged coming in second place every single qualifier tournament this past month! Their consistency in qualifiers is unmatched by any other team in the Reverie Rift Cup era and we at Reverie Esports expect them to develop into a team that can capture Reverie Rift Cups with ease in the future. As of recently, Combat Gaming Esports will now be known as Silent Lotus Gaming.

Written and Edited by Williaf

Featured Image provided by Azrul Aziz

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