Rift Cup Review of 6/22/2017: Top Free Agent Player and Premade Team Players


     The Rift Cup Review is a weekly article series that is published on Thursdays to keep those within Reverie Esports’ community and the amateur League of Legends scene up to date as to what is occurring in the Reverie Rift Cup tournaments.

Free Agent Review

     Shaaggy Inc, a Diamond III Support player, was on Free Agent Team #3 this past weekend and they were seeded at number thirteen. A tough first round (prequarterfinals) opponent in the number four seed, Team 7, a full Diamond ranked team, posed a huge challenge for Shaaggy Inc and his teammates. Despite the major skill differential, Shaaggy Inc was able to finish the game with a KDA of 1.0 going 2/4/2 as Brand for Free Agent Team #3. Given the circumstances this positive KDA was very difficult to achieve considering the fact that his team’s average Elo was only Silver II! We at Reverie Esports are expecting him to be on a premade team in the near future!

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Top Performances Review

     Two of the most influential statistics to maintain for an individual player are Top Player KDA and Highest Gold Per Minute. Congratulations to Nice Bunz of Combat Gaming Esports on achieving the best KDA ratio and to RoughBeanz of Delusional Esports for earning the most gold per minute during last weekend’s tournament! Both players are members of developing esports organizations and representing Combat Gaming Esports and Delusional Esports respectively with amazing performances!

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Written and Edited by Williaf

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