Rift Cup Review of 5/25/2017: New Organizations Join In and the Return of Free Agents


     In continuation from last weekend, I will now be publishing this newsletter known as the Rift Cup Review on a weekly basis to keep everyone in the loop as to what is going on with the Reverie Rift Cup scene and the Reverie Esports League of Legends community.

New Organization Picks Up a Top Notch Roster

     With Super Nova Inc. eyeing to qualify for the North American Challenger Series through the Open Qualifier tournament in the Spring of 2018 they have decided to put a majority of their resources into a new roster and a different team other than the currently dominant Super Nova Esports, who are currently tied for third place with four qualifier points. With focus elsewhere for Super Nova Inc., the roster of Super Nova Esports have parted ways with Super Nova Inc. and that roster is now a part of 7xGaming. Being led by Wiill and Raccoon, 7xGaming is in a legitimate position to have the most qualifier points leading into the Reverie Rift Cup #2 tournament. I am interested in seeing if 7xGaming can defeat their ex-sister team, Super Nova Zero if the two teams were to square off this upcoming Saturday.

A New Challenger Approaches

     It has been a long time coming; however, Mischief Esports is finally competing in the Reverie Rift Cup tournament series! The organization has spent much of its time with Imperial Esports lately and we got a glimpse of what they were capable of last weekend as they won the third qualifier for the Reverie Rift Cup #2 tournament while many other teams competed in the HTC Community Night tournament. As we are expecting a much bigger bracket than last weekend, many eyes should be on Mischief Esports to see if they are able to win yet another qualifier tournament even with everyone else joining in.

Free Agent Teams are Back

While our recruiting text channel in the Reverie Esports Discord server has done some work as to getting organized teams access to more players, I now feel as if it is time to bring back Free Agent Teams. There needs to be more opportunities for individuals to compete in and showcase their talents before they approach organizations to join a team. We at Reverie Esports will now be creating a limelight for the best players out there who are currently looking to join an organized team in future Rift Cup Review installments to aid the League of Legends amateur scene to develop more teams and to find even more players, additional groups to compete with on a consistent basis.

Written and Edited by REV Williaf

Featured Image provided by Riot Games

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