Rift Cup Review of 5/16/2017: Updates Incoming for Summer Seasons


     Now that summer is upon us for those within the Reverie Esports community it is time for an immense wave of activity to be seen. Expect major changes with our presence in League of Legends, this is already being seen with a rebranding of our tournament series to the Reverie Rift Cup. There will be various updates and upgrades in terms of what Reverie Esports offers to the amateur scene of League of Legends in North America.

Additional Team Slots

     One of the biggest changes that we at Reverie Esports feel as if has to be made is the lack of teams being invited to compete in the Reverie Rift Cup tournaments for free. We are doing this slowly over time to build a foundation within our tournaments for steady growth. Instead of only six teams qualifying to get into the Reverie Rift Cup tournament for free, starting in June during the Reverie Rift Cup #3 season, we will be inviting the top eight teams from our weekly qualifier tournaments to join the tournament for free. This would set the minimum cash prize pool to $80.00 USD!

Redistribution of Points?

     With the addition of two more teams joining for free in the Reverie Rift Cup #3, should there be a different way as to how we award points in qualifiers? Is there an interest in giving teams, that make it to the quarterfinals of a qualifier tournament, one point? The points awarded to the first, second, third, and fourth place teams would all be increased by one point. Our reasoning for suggesting this proposed points system is so that teams who are of low Elo rankings could compete in a high stakes tournament for free without any pressure of risking their own money; however, they still would be in the spotlight and gain a valuable experience by competing in the Reverie Rift Cup tournaments. The new points system would be as follows for our weekly qualifier tournaments:

. 1st Place: 5 Points
. 2nd Place: 4 Points
. 3rd Place: 3 Points
. 4th Place: 2 Points
. 5th-8th Place: 1 Point


     Thank you to everyone for reading this news post, there will be a lot more content being offered on the Reverie Esports website, and we at Reverie Esports really appreciate your feedback when you vote in our polls!

Written and Edited by Williaf

Featured Image Provided by Riot Games

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