Reverie Esports League of Legends Tournament Update of 5/29/2016

League of Legends Tournament Prizing

      Finally! The return of prizing for our League of Legends tournaments will be back temporarily over the span of two weekends. On June 4th and June 10th WTFast will be providing prize packages for the top three placing teams for the Reverie Esports League of Legends Open #48 and the Reverie Esports League of Legends Amateur Open #26 respectively. Full details of the prizing package that WTFast will be offering to our tournament competitors will be shown below. Not sure what WTFast can do to aid you while you compete in League of Legends? Click the button below which links you to their website where an abundance of information of WTFast can be seen as well as an opportunity to use their service in a free trial!

WTFast Prizing


New League of Legends Tournament

      On Sunday nights we will now be hosting entry fee tournaments! As of June 12th the Reverie Esports League of Legends Buy In Open Tournament Series will begin with teams being charged $5.00 each to be put towards the prize pool. Are you looking to win some cash prizing without having to pay the entry fee? You’re in luck, as of June 11th the first place finishing team of the Reverie Esports League of Legends Open Tournament Series will receive an automatic bid into the Buy In Open Tournament Series! For details on our new tournament click the button below!


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