Reverie Esports Clash Royale Update of 5/29/2016

New and Returning Elders

      In the Reverie Esports Clash Royale clan there are four clan members who hold the ranking of Elder. The top two players who have the most trophies and the top two players who have donated the most cards and were not previously selected to be an Elder earn the ranking of Elder. Miracle has earned the position of Elder for holding the most trophies (2,530) and is rising to Arena 8 the Legendary Arena! steven has retained his Elder ranking for having the second most trophies (1,898). He is a long time member of the Reverie Esports Clash Royale Clan and has maintained his Elder ranking for a multitude of weeks. CORNCAKE has earned the Elder ranking for the first time for having the most donations in the clan (337) (not including steven as he already earned the Elder ranking). Gabe has earned the ranking of Elder for having the second most donations in the clan (320). He has been very active within the Reverie Esports clan recently as he worked out a clan merger with another clan that skyrocketed the clan members count all the way to fifty!

Community Polls Have Arrived

     The community will now have a chance to vote on some exciting future developments of Reverie Esports’ Clash Royale presence! The thought of Reverie Esports hosting Clash Royale tournaments has been going on for quite some time and we need some help on deciding when we should starting hosting tournaments as prizing has been delayed. Click the following link to check out our community polls!

New Clan Rule

      In order to maintain membership within the Reverie Esports clan all members must make at least one donation. Starting on June 6th, 2016, a clan member who does not make a donation will be removed from the clan. Clan cleanouts will occur every Sunday to ensure that only active players are members of the clan.

Clan Statistics

      From now on every week we will be keeping track of all clan statistics to see how we improve as time goes on! In the parenthesis will be the change from the prior week in percentages.

  • Amount of Clan Members: 50/50 (0%)
  • Trophy Count of the Clan: 14,290 (0%)
  • Total Donations of the Clan: 3,242 (0%)


Written & Edited by Williaf

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