Partnership Announcement: Haste, Reclaim Your Connection

     We at Reverie Esports are proud to announce our latest partnership with Haste! Our two organizations will be collaborating to ensure that even more players, teams, and organizations are able to compete in the Reverie Rift Cup tournaments for free. Furthermore, we want to spread the word of lag free esports gameplay that Haste enables its users to experience! With Haste, your internet connection becomes dynamic between multiple connection routes to a video game’s main server. If one connection fails you will still be able to continue to claim victory in battle in places in the virtual world such as Summoner’s Rift as other routes will be taken! Additionally, Haste has the ability to lower your ping so that your connection is stable and you can experience smooth sailing while playing your favorite esports video games.

We at Reverie Esports highly recommend that you try Haste today!

Written and Edited by Williaf

Featured Image provided by Riot Games

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