NA LCS Spring Split Predictions v.s. Standings

   This list features ten teams currently competing through the middle of the NA LCS Spring Split, all of which were discussed and voted upon in numerous online predictions, ranging from the casual Reddit users to Riot Games itself. Unsurprisingly, there have been several upsets throughout the five weeks of the NA LCS, which disprove the accuracy of almost all of the power ranking lists, even Riot’s. The teams will be presented in alphabetical order and will have a description about how they have or have not met the numerous expectations. TL;DRs are at the bottom.


   Cloud9 had a shameful performance in the Season 5 Summer Split which only fueled the craze and wonder when they made it to Worlds, even winning their first three games. In the off season, as usual, they underwent only a few roster changes, moving Hai and Bunnyfufu to support and picking up MVP former Team Impulse Jungler, Rush. With Hai’s shotcalling, Rush’s renowned Nidalee play, and early aggressive play style most were expecting Cloud9 to fall short of only Team Solomid, which is the case now. They have had issues with refining Bunnyfufu into the shotcalling beast that Hai is,  which caused them to have a shaky start; however, eventually they came back strong, now 6-4, tied for third place. Their most recent loss, against Immortals, was a huge confidence booster for Cloud9 fans, because it demonstrated that Cloud9 can hold their ground, as they did with Immortals, and possibly even win against the top teams in North America.


   Since Counter Logic Gaming lost Doublelift, their chances of winning seemed grim; however, with teamwork and devoting more resources to Huhi, Counter Logic Gaming dominated Team Solomid in the first game of the Spring Split. The team has been somewhat inconsistent, as they lost to mid or low tier teams. However, they seem to be successfully working out some problems which helped them to achieve their 6-4 standing as of week five, tied for third. Most expected Counter Logic Gaming to be somewhere in the middle of the pack at either fourth or fifth, which is slightly worse than they are currently doing. While Counter Logic Gaming does not posses the big name individual talents that other teams have, they can win through improved teamwork and communication skills, especially because they did not import any new players this split.


   Most people predicted Team Dignitas to be in third to last place this split which wouldn’t be surprising considering their lackluster roster, especially with BillyBoss taking over top and SmittyJ stepping down. In the off season Team Dignitas acquired SmittyJ, Keirei, and Apollo; however, we all know that Team Dignitas is only known for one mechanically great player, Shiphtur. In their recent games, Team Dignitas’ performance has been all over the place, ranging from crushing Counter Logic Gaming to getting curb-stomped by Team Solomid. Their games are somewhat inconsistent and it is too risky to declare an absolute position for them now seeing their highs and lows; however, Team Dignitas can be on the top half if they allocate more resources to Shiphtur, see that he consistently wins the laning phase, and roams.


   Most if not all lists had Echo Fox one position above or below Renegades, which is understandable considering their inexperienced players. Right now the team just got a record of 3-7 with some great teamwork, fantastic Malphite ultimates, and well, Froggen. While their standing is second to last now, their victory over NRG eSports last weekend shows that Echo Fox can beat a top-half team if they focus and communicate, because as of now, the team is looking very strong with Froggen as the main strength, and maybe even Keith. Right now, Echo Fox just needs to keep up their gameplay and there is a chance that they can be top three team by the end of the split.


   This team has players with legendary highs and even more famous lows, such as Wildturtle and Pobelter. The expectations were decently high for this bunch because of the two legendary European players, Reignover and Huni. These two have synergy off the charts, synergy that other teams can only dream of, which was their main obstacle to overcome before the split started. They have exceeded all expectations by far coming into the Spring split, standing tall at first place with a record of 10-0 in week five.


   NRG eSports was, without a doubt, the most varying team in all of the power rankings because some people had them in second place while others had them in seventh place. They came into the Spring Split swinging… and they struck hard. Their game against Team Solomid showed their strengths, even with their rookie Jungler, recently though, they have been declining which caused them to now stand at a record of 5-5; however, in order to gain back their second place spot, or something high, they must follow Impact or GBM and re-emulate what they had in the earlier weeks. GBM and Impact are currently their carries, with Konkwon and Moon being the main concerns for the team.


   Last season, Team Impulse had some big name players such as Rush and XiaoWeiXiao, giving other top teams a run for their money; however, the team has gone downhill ever since XiaoWeiXiao was banned for elo-boosting. Every single ranking list placed Team Impulse in last place, and who could blame them? Team Impulse has all new, unheard of players other than Gate, their support who filled in for XiaoWeiXiao. Mostly everyone knew some of the players names and not much else, which is a main reason why Team Impulse was consistently predicted to be last in Spring Split, which is not the case now. They are 4-6 currently, which has them in fifth place (with two teams tying for third and two tying for fourth.)


   While TL originally stood for Team Liquid it seems as if it now stands for Tilting Life. Last split, Team Liquid came in fourth place and just missed Worlds due to several players being titled or burnt out, hence the Tilting Life. This split, they came in with ten players and later lost their starting Jungler, IWillDominate, replaced by Dardoch. Team Liquid had a horrible start due to communication problems and Fenix still having a bad attitude; however, they turned it right around later and started to win games and show their strength. In order to do better this split and earn a top half spot, they must devote resources to Piglet and Fenix, their two main carries. In the offseason, Team Liquids’ Challenger team joined the NA LCS team and they also acquired Lourlo, a former Counter Logic Gaming substitute to replace Quas. If the players maintain a positive attitude and communication they can be a top contender.


   Team Solomid had an incredible amount of hype when the team was Bjergsen and four wards; however, with considerable upgrades in every single role to save the mid laner, this team was looking like the best in the West, that is until everyone realized that communication was a thing. As Doublelift himself stated, now more than ever, teamwork wins games far more consistently than individual skill does, a concept that Team Solomid has stumbled upon coming into this split with their loss in the first game of the NA LCS against the team with a just an above average roster. The individual player skill does not go unnoticed though, especially with Hauntzer and Doublelift. Team Solomid’s mishaps with communication were alarmingly visible and consequential as seen in their game against NRG eSports. Their hesitation and unfamiliarity with one another almost cost Team Solomid two games against the worst ranking teams Echo Fox and Renegades. Despite the numerous communication issues, Team Solomid is starting to look very impressive, as seen in their stomp against Counter Logic Gaming in week five.


Cloud9: Had some problems with Bunnyfufu, Rush looking good, gave Immortals a run for their money, exceeded expectations

Counter Logic Gaming: Not a lot of crazy talent, need better teamwork, fulfilled expectations

Team Dignitas: Shiphtur carry, recently under performing, failed most expectations

Echo Fox: Huge comeback in week five, Froggen is playing like a god, this week exceeded expectations

Immortals: Exceeded expectations by far, everyone can carry, have to watch out for others trying to dethrone them

NRG eSports: Recently under performing, Impact and GBM are their carries, recently failing expectations

Renegades: Extremely under performing, Alex Ich and Freeze are their carries, absolutely failed expectations

Team Impulse: Surprised everyone, not in  last place, there is not much individual talent, they are in need of some perfect teamwork

Team Liquid: Improving, must maintain a positive attitude, Fenix and Piglet are their carries, fulfilled expectations

Team Solomid: Slightly failed expectations, improving communication, everyone can carry

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