Multiple Bans Instated After The Open #4 Tournament

      We at Reverie eSports work hard to ensure that everyone in our community is allowed to compete and receive the best competition each week. It has come to my attention that the team Victorious has been forfeiting multiple times two weeks in a row. In the Open #3 tournament, before the start of the third place matches, Victorious forfeited without reason to Team Teddy Bears. This ruined the competition for Team Teddy Bears. To continue, this past weekend in the Open #4 tournament, Victorious forfeited in the Quarter-Finals against The Lost Meme. This sent a low seeded team to the Semi-Finals thus ruining competition for Dark Wave White. In conclusion, Victorious has received a one week ban from Reverie eSports and will not be able to compete in the Reverie eSports League of Legends Open #5.

      One of the main goals of Reverie eSports is to keep a community together through cleansing our competitions of toxicity and inappropriate behavior. A player on the team The Lost Meme, that has the summoner name Daddy the clown, displayed excessive toxicity. This behavior will not be tolerated within Reverie eSports competitions. Our final verdict, Daddy the clown has received a life time ban from Reverie eSports and will not be allowed to compete in any of our competitions and The Lost Meme has received a one week ban as Daddy the clown was from that team.

– Written by Williaf

– Edited by Williaf

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