League of Legends Tournament Update: Free Agents

    We at Reverie Esports value all of our players whether or not they are currently on an organized team. While in recent memory, Free Agent players were able to compete in our tournaments without being apart of a team, we would like all of our players to be a part of a solidified team. Free Agents should have the opportunity to compete with the same teammates every week to work towards having a shot at competing in the Reverie Esports League of Legends Buy In Open tournaments for free. With that being said, we will no longer create randomized Free Agent teams every week for our Open tournaments. However, we do not want to simply leave everyone in the dark that made use of the past system. We encourage all players to actively use the #recruiting Text Channel and Voice Channel in our Discord server. For those that need assistance in staying organized or starting an esports brand of their own, they can contact us! For those interested contact Williaf in our Discord server. Best of luck to all players in the upcoming tournaments!

Written and Edited by Williaf

Featured Image provided by Riot Games

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