League of Legends Champion Guide: Udyr the Spirit Walker


      Udyr has always been a strong solo queue pick, but with the release of the new devour in patch 5.13 Udyr has become a top tier jungle pick. This guide will be focused specifically on tiger stance despite phoenix also being viable. Udyr has a very strong initial clear that will leave you healthy without having to use health pots on a full clear. His damage is great with only devour, and turtle with the proper itemization will make him very tanky. Udyr has the capability to carry any given game and can fill many different roles within a team comp.



Udyr Masteries

Offense  I run these masteries because they are in my opinion the best masteries to take. The 5% cooldown is wonderful and with your core items puts you at 35%. Butcher allows you to do more damage to the monsters, and feast helps you remain slightly healthier, increasing your clear speed. Brute Force and Martial Mastery are standard to boost your attack damage. Execution deals increased damage to enemies below 50%, which is great for ganking. Exposed Weakness, Spell Weaving and Blade Weaving are standard as it helps you do more damage and your allies to more damage. We do not take Warlord as we do not normally build AD. Dangerous game helps keep you alive during ganks and during team fights, and Devastating Strikes and Havoc is very standard on all champions.


Defense  On defense I choose to take Recovery, Veteran Scars and Juggernaut, as it gives you health and sustain which is useful in the jungle. However, I take Tough Skin and Bladed Armor instead of Block and Unyielding because it helps you take reduced damage from monsters as well as do increased damage to them increasing your clear. You also do not get auto attacked enough early game to make Block and Unyielding worth it, and by the time late game comes around 2 per auto does not mean much to autos that crit and do ~300.



AD Ruins

Marks  These are standard ruins I run on most of my AD Junglers. I like to take Physical Damage marks as they increase my damage and my clear. Since I am getting attack speed from tiger stance and devour, attack damage will increase my damage the most.

Seals  I personally prefer armor seals over health seals, as the jungle does physical damage. I do not know the complete calculations over which setup is exactly better, but I do know armor seals scale better with turtle than health seals do and for this reason I choose armor.

Glyphs  I run MR Glyphs as I like to be as tanky as possible. The MR Glyphs do not do much for you in the jungle, but flat MR helps you gank more reliably against AP champions. Other options you can run are scaling MR or 5% CDR.

Quintessences  For the same reason as Marks I run Physical Damage to maximize my damage. However, you may want to run movespeed or something else. Remember, these are your ruins so experiment and find what works best for you.


Udyr Starting Items

Udyr Final Build

Starting Build  When you jungle, you almost always want to start off with Hunter’s Machete and two health pots along with your yellow trinket. In previous seasons, udyr could start off with a Doran’s Blade but with the rework in the jungle, it is not very viable anymore.


First Back  Udyr has a great initial clear, so you are normally able to back with ample gold to buy the items you need. Either pick up red smite or blue depending on the enemy team with some wards, health pots and boots if you can afford it. How many health pots and which type of wards vary between each game, but warding is important and should never be overlooked. Red smite is the better option when you are looking to duel someone on the enemy team such as a zed that will be split pushing or other fighters such as fiora. Red smite will allow you to take reduced damage and deal some true damage for four seconds allowing you to trade better and in most cases win the fight. Blue smite is better when you are looking to gank and camp a lane, such as a yasuo lane. Yasuo’s only escape is when he dashes through you and with blue smite and bear stance he is almost always a free kill when he over extends. You should never be going trailblazer because udyr’s clear does not need it as it is relatively fast and with turtle stance he stays healthy.


Core Items  After choosing which smite is best for your given game, you always want to rush devourer. The devourer is by far the best enchantment on udyr as all his attacks are auto attacks meaning he benefits greatly from all the stats. Devourer scales greatly with the tiger stance as not only the attack speed is amplified, but tiger stance also has an on-hit effect which means you are auto attacking faster and applying your on-hit effect quicker. In many situations Devourer is the only damage item that you will need and allows you to build tanky in the rest of your build. Some people prefer cinderhulk, but udyr is already tanky with turtle stance and because of turtle stance we try to build as much resistances as possible and do not focus heavily on building health. Due to this, cinderhulk is not maximized as effectively as it could be and you lack necessary damage making devourer the overall better choice.

      The other core items are Frozen Heart and Spirit Visage. Frozen Heart is a perfect item on udyr due to it giving all the stats that udyr needs. The mana that it gives greatly reduces udyr’s mana problem from wanting to spam many different stances, as well as cooldown reduction to allow him to change stances faster. Allowing him to change stances faster will allow him to turtle stance more often, indirectly making him tankier. Frozen Heart also gives 90 armor which makes him take much less damage in the jungle and overall much tankier. Spirit Visage is similar in the fact that it gives cooldown reduction and it gives magic resist, but it also gives some health. Despite having turtle stance, having some health is still beneficial, we just will not be stacking it. The last thing Spirit Visage provides is a bonus to self-healing, meaning Udyr will heal more from turtle stance’s lifesteal and also from Blade of the Ruined King’s lifesteal if you decide to pick it up later in the game. The boosted self healing and cooldown reduction make it a better pick than banshees on Udyr.


Boots  You do not have to wait until after you complete your core items to complete your boots but always make sure you complete devourer before you upgrade to tier two. In about 98% of my games I pick up Mercury Treads due to the fact that I hate being crowd controlled. Merc Treads are a must when the enemy team has cc like Morgana binding, but if the other team has an auto attack oriented team feel free to pick up Ninja Tabis. Boots of Mobility is also an option if you need to pressure the map extremely hard.


Final Options  After completing the core items and selecting your boots, you will be left with two item spots left. Depending on the enemy team and your team you may need more damage, armor and/or magic resist. Against heavy physical damage auto attacking teams (Example: Shen top, Lee Sin jungle, Zed mid w/ and adc) I like to pick up thornmail as it will make you tankier and will return damage if they hit you. This compared with turtle stance will make you very beefy and give you high damage output alone. If the enemy team is heavy ap (Example: Vladimir top, Elise jungle, Leblanc mid) I will pick up a Banshee’s Veil as my fifth item or a Hexdrinker to build into a Maw of Malmortius if I am snowballing. If I am not the primary tank  I like to pick up a second damage item in the form of Blade of the Ruined King, which I find to be a much better option of Trinity Force. Bork’s passive is extremely nice in gap closing and the on-hit effect scales better with Sated. The lifesteal is amazing when paired with turtle stance and Spirit Visage, and the attack damage is always nice. Trinity Force does give a bit of everything, but due to the additional cost and the fact that I am not looking for crit chance, ap, or the slight health/mana provided makes Bork a better option on tiger stance Udyr. The choice of your final two slots is up to you however, just make sure it is not static and adapts to each and every game.


Skill Order

Tiger Stance     – 1      4   5      7      9

Turtle Stance    –   2             6      8     10       12

Bear Stance      –     3                                 11      13   14   15

Phoenix Stance –                                                                     16  17  18


      You want to start and max tiger stance first for your clear as well as it is all of your damage. I max turtle second because it makes me a lot tankier as well as increases my sustain in the jungle. Level 3 we take bear stance to increase our gank potential, and the rest is standard.


Initial Jungle Path

      Due to the fact that udyr has a relatively easy time clearing the jungle, he can take almost any jungle path that is desired. Personally, I like to do a full clear starting from my bot side krug/gromp and working my way up. If you want to gank early however, you can go from Krug/Gromp -> Buff -> Buff, or Buff -> Wolves -> Buff, both giving you level three. There are many different jungle paths available, so mix it up and adapt to the current game!



      When you gank as Udyr, you always want to come in from behind the enemy you are ganking. You want to try to stay in between the enemy and their tower the entire duration of the gank, so if they flash or try to escape they will still be in auto attack range. The mechanics are straightforward, you bear stance to stun and proceed to nuke with tiger stance and also smiting depending if you have upgraded your smite yet. By walking ahead so you are in between them and their tower will increase your gank success rate by a lot.


– Written by Hallu

– Edited by Williaf

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