League of Legends Champion Guide: Irelia the Will of the Blades

Summary Build




Runes & Masteries

GMarks_(1) Greater Mark of Attack Damage x9

GSeals_(1) Greater Seal of Armor x9

b_3_3 Greater Glyph of Magic Resist x9

greater-quintessence-of-attack-speed Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed x3





Summoner Spells

League of Legends - FlashFlash is a must on Irelia. It synergies perfectly with her kit and it allows you to survive as well as engage and create picks. A few useful tricks:

- Flash + Q: Chasing potential and gap closing, also completely unexpected for your enemy. You can take it further and kill a minion with your Q, flash, then Q your enemy to close huge distances.

- Flash + E: Surprise engage. Only for brave players.

League of Legends - Teleport

Teleport fits really well in the current meta. You can impact everywhere in the map from your lonely island called toplane. Also it will make up for your mistakes in laning phase so at least you don't lose farm. A few useful tricks:

- Split pushing then TP if teamfight or objective contest.

- Help bot or mid outnumbering the enemy if they are going to die.

- Tell your botlane to place a ward in the second bush, then when the enemy botlane pushes you TP and kill them all. If your enemy toplaner isn't pushing you can try to take drake or botlane tower.

League of Legends - Ignite

I don't really recommend this summoner spell on Irelia. Teleport gives you more impact around the map. Ignite can be useful in some matchups like Swain or Vladimir if you want to kill them before they kill you. It gives you kill potential in early, in late is not that useful, that's why I rather Teleport over Ignite.



These masteries are the standard for Irelia in toplane. I use them against a tanky team or if my team lacks of damage. Also when the matchup in toplane is in my favor too.


I didn't use to like these masteries but with time I realize they are better if your team needs a tank or there is enough damage in your team comp. Also I pick these masteries if the enemy toplaner counters me and I just want to survive laning phase.


The following runes information is what I learnt from IreliaCarriesU and his videos so props to him. I highly recommend his videos if you want to learn how to play Irelia like a god.


This rune page is the standard one. I also use it when I'm playing Irelia mid. It's really good at early but you kinda fall off in late. It prevents the enemy to harass you, strongly recommended against range champions with poke.


I use this rune page against tanky teams or a tanky toplaner like Malphite, Mundo etc. Usually if I'm going to maximize my W instead of my E. It allows you to autoattack a lot and stick with them while doing damage.


Only run this page if the enemy toplaner and jungler are AD. You don't have MR runes so it would be really bad if you choose these runes against Rumble top and Elise jungle.


Ionian_Fervor  Ionian Fervor (Passive): This passive makes Irelia one of the best picks against teams with many cc. 40% tenacity is huge in teamfights. If you build Mercury's Treads you will be unstoppable.

irelia-bladesurge  Bladesurge (Q): This spell will help you a lot at farming and close gapping. Reset cooldown every time you kill a target so be sure to use it only to last hit or to close gaps if you are sure you will kill the enemy before he escapes. Great for jukes and escaping. Also it procs Trinity Force.

ss+(2015-10-15+at+10.52.39)  Hiten Style (W): Awesome sustain tool and damage. It interacts with Bladesurge (Q) so you can use your W then dash with Q for more damage.

IreliaEquilibriumStrike  Equilibrium Strike (E): It stuns if your enemy is full health (both 100%) or higher health percentage than you. If not then it slows the enemy. Great skill against ganks. It's better if you stun but when chasing the slow is also nice, don't hesitate.

Transcendent_Blades  Transcendent Blades (R): Not the best ultimate but it interacts pretty well with your whole kit. You can do many many things with it. Let's talk about it: First it heals you, which is awesome in 1v1 and also in teamfights. It procs Sheen so the correct use of Transcendent Blades is not smashing R four times, the perfect use of it is autoattack between blades, so you can use sheen proc for maximum damage. Another useful tool for her ult is clearing waves really fast due to its low cooldown. Also you can use it to engage or escape. Use Transcendent Blades into a minion, when Q when it's low (or W+Q if it's not enough). That will surprise your enemy who is standing behind the caster minions.

Skill Sequence

ss+(2015-10-15+at+10.52.39) Greater_than_symbolIreliaEquilibriumStrike Greater_than_symbol irelia-bladesurge Against tanks max W to deal enough damage.

IreliaEquilibriumStrike Greater_than_symbol ss+(2015-10-15+at+10.52.39) Greater_than_symbolirelia-bladesurge  Against mages or assassins such as Riven, Yasuo, Zed... max your E.

If you are not sure what to max then max your E and you will be safe.



Crystalline_Flask_item  Crystalline Flask: For maximum sustain against poke. You will be able to out-trade your enemy with sustain and he'll have to go back base before you. I start with this almost vs anything.

Doran's_Blade_item  Doran's Blade: If you are against an easy lane or you plan to do a jungle camp at level one. I don't recommend that because Irelia is not fast at clearing jungle camps at level 1. I don't use to start with Doran's Blade but it's viable.

Cloth_Armor_item  Cloth Armor: Start with Cloth Armor and 5 pots will make you survive the lane against bullies such Renekton or Pantheon. Your only objective will be farm as much as you can.


Trinity_Force_item  Trinity Force: This is your life. Core item that you have to build ALWAYS. Trinity Force gives you Movement Speed, burst damage and sustain. All your skills proc Spellblade which after using an ability, your next autoattack deals bonus damage.

Mercury's_Treads_item  Mercury's Treads: These boots will make you a monster against AP teams with cc. It will make 75% tenacity. I always pick them if there is some AP in the enemy team, if they are full AD then I would take Ninja Tabi.

6182716_f120  Spirit Visage: Useful against teams with AP but it's also a nice choice if there's only one AP threat due to +400 HP and CD reduction.

Dead_Man's_Plate_item  Dead Man's Plate: Awesome armor item for Irelia. It has good stats and both passives fit Irelia pretty well. Movement Speed can save your life and finish with your opponent's life too. The insane damage discharged by Momentum in your autoattacks is massive and on top of that you slow the enemy by 75%. Priceless.

League of Legends - Blade of the Ruined King  Blade of the Ruined King: This item is your second item if you are snowballing and your team doesn't need a tank.

Guardian_Angel_item  Guardian Angel: Good item in late. The cooldown is quite long but if you are doing good in game it could mean win or lose. It gives you a nice amount of tankyness. I use to buy it if I already have BotRK. Use it carefully.


League of Legends - Warmog's Armor  Warmog's Armor: Build this only against teams with more than one burst threat like Annie or Zed or Riven. Raw health will help you to survive against enemies building penetration items.

3071_The_Black_Cleaver  Black Cleaver: Only if your team is only AD and the enemy team is stacking armor.

botas-de-berserker  Berserker's Greaves: Pick these ones if you are really ahead, killing here and there.

39  Thornmail: Against teams with a fed ADC or double ADC. It's nice when you are behind because it's cheap and gives you +100 armor.

avatar_c26c281efe0d_128  Frozen Mallet: Good against kitting enemies like Lulu. It gives you a good amount of hp and damage. Also it's nice if your team has many skillshots like Ezreal or Kog'Maw.

As you can see Irelia can take profit of many many items. I recommend you to analyze carefully the enemy teamcomp (and yours too) and decide before the game starts which items will be the most suitable. Obviously your decisions may change while the game rolls.


Difficult matchups:

Pantheon_Square_0  Pantheon: This guy will poke you over and over again. I recommend to start with Cloth Armor and try to farm as much as possible. When building Trinity Force buy first Phage, this will help you in lane. Just try to survive as you outscale him and you do better than him in teamfights. Max W to sustain, not to kill him. I wouldn't try to kill him alone.

Renekton_Square_01  Renekton: Tons of damage, a stun, very mobile and tanky. Awful. Max W and try to farm. You outscale him. Start cloth armor and pots. You can start fighting him at 7-9 if you didn't die in lane. An even lane will be a won lane in midgame.

Darius_cuadrado  Darius: Your hard counter. Ban him if you can or tell your jungler to babysit you. I wouldn't try to kill him unless your jungler ganks him. He's really weak at ganks so you can take advantage of that. Max E if you prefer to farm and wait for ganks. W if you want to fight him.

tryndamere  Tryndamere: I recommend to start Cloth Armor against him so you don't die at the very early levels. Until late you can kill him if the lane went even or in your favor, he's quite squishy. He will outscale you in late though. Max your E to stun him forever and deal good damage to him.

Olaf-splash-art-lol  Olaf: At early levels you can take the lead, just try to save your stun to when he walks straight to you then after stun him use your W and chunk him as much as possible while he's not tanky. Once he starts building tankyness you should avoid fighting him. Max your W.

Medium matchups:

vladimir  Vladimir: This should be fine if you are smart. Don't get too low at early levels and after 4 you should be able to fight him. Let him pool away then catch with your Q. Max E and get Sheen.

Malphite  Malphite: He's kinda squishy at early so you should take advantage to this. Harass him at early levels (1-3) then you may kill him at 5 or 6 with ult. He's good at assisting ganks so care with that. In 1v1 he wouldn't be able to kill you.

RivenSquare2  Riven: I would say this is a skill matchup. Start with E then harass her as much as you can at level 1. Don't be scared of her Q, you outsustain her with Flask. Fight her before level 6. After level 6 don't go in unless you got an advantage before. Max your E.

GnarSquare  Gnar: He's annoying with the boomerangs but if you dodge them you should be fine. Don't let him harass you early, you can fight him after 4. Play smartly around his mega gnar form. Don't try to fight him while he's mega even though I think Irelia is one of the champions that can handle better his mega form. Use your Q to chase him if he jumps and don't over commit because he can turn back while you go back and deal good damage to you with boomerang and autoattacks.

How to lane with Irelia

  • Level 1: At level 1 you should start with Q if you are against a range enemy like Gnar so you can keep the distance from his harass while farming. Against melees start with E, if he tries to attack you just stun him, a couple autoattacks then run and let minions do damage to him.

  • Farming: Irelia's kit is really good to farm. You won't lose a single minion with Bladesurge, Hiten Style will sustain you and help you to push and Equilibrium Strike will maintain you safe. Until level 4-5 try to farm as efficiently as possible, trade back if the enemy attacks you. To avoid being harassed while farming against melees you can stun him so he can't attack you while you back. Also autoattack him 1 or 2 times and walk away.

    If you want to go back and push fast to the enemy tower you can use your ultimate since Irelia is not really fast pushing.

    -Under tower: Farming under tower is really chill and easy for Irelia so if the enemy pushes you, you should have any problem farming. To kill melee minions let the tower attack them twice then Q or aa them. For caster minions you should be fine using your Bladesurge once the tower attack them once but it's more mana efficient to use your W instead, one autoattack with your W should be enough to kill them.

  • Trading: Trading is easy with Irelia. Just wait until your enemy is behind a low minion, then Q the minion, autoattack your enemy, stun him (important to stun here, not slow), autoattack and activate your W, keep autoattacking then Q back to a low health minion to avoid being traded back. Autoattacking between skills it's really important to proc Sheen and do tons of damage. It would be something like:

    Q (minion) – AA – E - AA – W – AA – AA

    I recommend to start trading at levels 4-5 and force a flash or an early recall so you can All-in at 6.

  • All-ins: At 6 you will have enough damage and sustain to be able to all-in your opponent. Your level 7 is really strong too, as well as level 9 so you get points on the skill you are maximizing. To all-in your enemy you should do the same as when you trade but using Transcendent Blades between autoattacks. Try to make your R hit your opponent and minions to gain big amount of health.

    Engage: you can engage as I said before when talking about trading but you can also engage using Transcendent Blades. Use it once or twice in a creepwave so the enemy minions are low, then dash to a low minion and all-in. You'll have many many low health minions to juke here and there and to back whenever you want. Use your mobility at maximum.

How to teamfight with Irelia

Irelia is the Queen of Midgame, she reigns between 15 and 30 minutes, but she falls a little bit in late so your objectives in mid and late will be different:

  • Mid game: Here your main objective is to kill squishies such as ADC or midlaners with the all-in explained before. Thanks to your high damage, your own sustain and tenacity you will be able to assassinate without many problems. You'll become a threat for the enemy carries so try to snowball as much as possible. Roam a lot, don't get stuck in toplane. Roam to mid, TP to bot, get as much kills and objectives as you can while you are in your highest point. Remember you can also hard push your lane and walk somewhere else then TP back to your lane if your enemy is pushing and you are going to lose tower. You are better in skirmishes than in big teamfights so try to catch people out of position and burst them down.

  • Late game: After 30-40 min your damage won't be enough to kill the enemy carries because the peeling and tankyness of the enemy team will be too much for you. Instead of trying to assassinate you have to peel for your ADC. That won't be easy because Irelia is not naturally tanky so you should work with your ADC to kill and protect him. Ideally you should have won the game before reaching this point or at least to take so much advantage that your team is fed and it's almost impossible to lose the game (unless you throw).

- Written by Losties

- Edited by Williaf

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