League of Legends Champion Guide: Ezreal the Prodigal Explorer


      Ezreal is a mobile caster played primarily as a marksman or burst mage. He is highly mobile and excels at kiting enemies and providing long ranged poke as well as considerable burst, making him an excellent choice vs immobile enemies who are prone to kiting. Ezreal also does well on teams that are heavily auto attack reliant as his W gives all allies hit a buff to their attack speed.

Laning as Ezreal

      Ezreal is typically played in the bot lane as an ADC, or in the mid lane as either an ADC or a burst mage. He can also jungle or top but bot and mid are much more common. Given his versatility, there are many ways to play out Ezreals laning phase depending on your play style. During the laning phase you can look to use your ultimate to assist in fights across the map or secure kills, allowing you to get both yourself and your team ahead.

Laning - ADC

      As ADC Ezreal you will generally want to poke down with Q, saving W for the extra burst against low opponents as the mana cost is high and using E for an escape, unless you are sure you can get a kill or force the enemy to back off after using it. Good use of E is the make or break point for Ezreal players.

      The tear build: This is the build that tends to be seen the most frequently in solo queue, picking up an early tear of the goddess for better late game scaling and mana sustain throughout the game, usually then progressing into blue build. Given that your opponent was likely able to purchase a damage item in place of tear you will want to avoid direct all ins as the damage difference will mean you can easily lose the trade, instead focusing on poking down with Q and only going in if they are low enough to burst and you aren't going to get baited by any summoner spells that might be up. If you are able to back with around 2000 gold then you can pick up a Sheen in order to offset the damage difference as well as some potions and a ward, if you are forced to back earlier then picking up a second Dorans blade can also offset the lack of damage from a tear. Remember that this is a late game scaling build and should be played accordingly.

      Early-mid damage build: This build skips the tear of the goddess in favor of early damage items, typically Sheen or B.F. Sword. This build path provides substantially more early and mid game power when compared to the tear build, and is the build I typically use when playing Ezreal. Since Ezreals Q does not critically strike regardless of crit chance the B.F. Sword will be built into either a Bloodthirster, Essence Reaver, or Mercurial Scimitar. Bloodthirster is the most optimal since it gives the largest amount of sustain as well as a shield which can be quite useful during fights. Essence Reaver should be thought of as the caster equivalent of building static shiv instead of phantom dancer, since it gives the same amount of damage as bloodthirster but has a cheaper price it can be obtained earlier as a means to accelerate a power spike and either get an advantage over your enemy or catch up if you are behind. Mercurial Scimitar is an option if you are facing a team with a lot of point and click CC that could prevent you from kiting, if you are likely to get camped once an enemy WW hits level 5 for example. The Sheen can be finished into either Trinity Force for higher damage, or Iceborn Gauntlet fore more kiting potential, AOE damage and utility. Leveling order for AD Ezreal should be Q>E>W, this gives you the highest kiting potential.

Laning - APC

      As an APC Ezreal brings high burst and great late game scaling, his laning phase is safe but he is prone to being pushed in due to his lack of wave clear. AP Ezreal has similar build options to the AD version, Tear into Archangels staff provides quite a bit of AP late game, starting with the tear portion again means a bit of a lack in damage early on, but mitigates the high mana costs of W, since the AP item overhaul Archangels now builds out of a Needlessly large rod instead of blasting wand, so picking up this component before the tear can be a solid option against lanes that you can establish a lead over early, and also provides more build paths if you decide not to immediately finish Archangels. Lichbane is a decent item on AP Ezreal but it isn't really necessary to get it as a first item, second or third can yield a better power spike when the item is completed. Once mid game hits if you are reasonably far into your build your full combo should be able to 100-0 most targets, so abusing fog of war to charge up an ult, then using E to close space can easily turn a fight into a 4 or even 3v5. As an alternative to Iceborn Gauntlet, a Rylai's Crystal Scepter  can be a great pickup to further augment your kiting potential. For AP Ezreal level W>E>Q, for high burst and kiting potential.

Mid Game

      Mid game is a strong point for both AD and AP Ezreal, by this time you should have 2-3 items and will be dealing reasonable damage with a combination of your abilities and auto attacks. When engaging in team fights or skirmishes you want to prioritize landing Q on the enemy as often as possible, this will help you keep passive stacks up and lower the cool down for all of your abilities. As AD Ezreal you want to weave in as many auto attacks as you can while still using Q to proc spell blade effects. W's primary use is to generate stacks of your passive, since it can net you 5 stacks at once if there are a lot of grouped champions, Ezreals passive is important to keep stacked as at 5 stacks you will be getting 50% extra attack speed. The second thing you should be using it for is to buff the attack speed of your allies, which not only gives them a better chance in fights but also helps you keep rising spell force at 5 stacks. Arcane shift, Ezreals E ability, is an amazing kiting ability, as AD, you want to use this to re-position yourself in fights to a safe distance where you can still deal damage with mystic shot and auto attacks. At 5 ranks into the ability Arcane Shift will have a base cool down of 11 seconds, With enough CDR and the reduction from landing Mystic Shots, the ability has an incredible up time, which makes Ezreal one of the most mobile champions in the game.

      As AP Ezreal you will want to make a slight change to your play style, Essence Flux now plays a bigger role in your damage rotation. Auto attacks will deal a bit less damage but should still be included when executing a combo where appropriate. Firing Trueshot Barrage from the fog of war and then using Arcane shift towards an enemy then Essence Flux followed by Mystic shot should normally land a kill, or force someone out of a team fight. With the low cool down and high damage on AP Ezreals basic abilities he provides a steady source of magic damage throughout team fights, allowing him to scale extremely well into the late game and carry games exceptionally well.

Summoner Spells

      Ezreals summoner spells are generally more defensive oriented as he is not dependent on early kills to establish a lead. Flash is a standard on most champions and Ezreal is no exception, with 2 blinks he can be incredibly slippery. For the second summoner slot heal, barrier, cleanse and exhaust are all great choices for both bot lane and mid, while Teleport or ghost can be taken in the mid lane. Choosing which secondary summoner to take in the mid lane will normally depend on who you are facing. Assassins or high burst mages may warrant taking heal, barrier or exhaust. Cleanse is a good choice if the enemy team is CC heavy, if they have a Twisted Fate or Ashe cleanse can be extremely valuable. Ghost can be taken vs enemies that may be difficult to otherwise Kite and Teleport is the best option to take vs high harass lanes that can force you to back frequently. Ignite can be an option if you want to secure kills but falls off harder than other spells in lane and isn't really needed once you are level 6 as you can secure kills with your ultimate.

Runes and Masteries

      These will be different for Ezreal depending on if you are taking him mid or bot and whether you are building AD or AP. They can also change depending on your lane opponent. If you are low on AP then taking more standard ADC or AP pages should be fine, however the following pages are more optimized.

       For ADC Ezreal in the bot lane you can take AD marks, AD quintessences, flat health seals, and scaling CDR glyphs. This is a fairly standard ADC page, only changing out attack speed for CDR. This page allows you to trade will in lane with both auto attacks and Mystic shot and makes last hitting easier in the early levels. The scaling CDR will allow you to hit 35-40% late in the game, which is better than the 5% attack speed given Ezreals nature as a caster. Alternatively taking one scaling CDR quintessence can allow you to hit the CDR cap at level 18 with only Ionian boots.

      For AP Ezreal mid you can run a similar page if you are against a non threatening lane, only switching out the marks for magic pen. or hybrid pen., and changing the quintessences to flat AP. If you are against a lane that deals heavy magic damage then you can also swap out the glyphs for flat MR. When against AD assassins taking health per level or armor seals are both viable options. AD Ezreal mid will make similar considerations but will keep the AD marks and quintessences.

      Another option to consider is the possibility of taking either flat or scaling AP glyphs. This can provide additional burst to both AD and AP Ezreal, it's not ideal but can be a consideration in some circumstances. For additional early game bully potential AD Ezreal can take AP quintessences, which may allow him to cheese some lanes with the unexpected damage.

      For masteries you will want to take 21 points in offense, prioritizing sorcery, butcher, feast, expose weakness,spell/blade weaving, executioner, devastating strikes and havoc. The remaining points will be placed into either Mental force, arcane mastery and arcane blade for AP Ezreal or brute force, martial mastery and warlord for AD. The 9 remaining points should generally be placed into the defensive tree, taking points in recovery, block, unyielding, veteran scars and juggernaut, though placing them into the utility tree is also an option, taking points in fleet of foot, scout, summoners insight, alchemist and either culinary master or runic affinity.

- Written by Raith alghul

- Edited by Williaf

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