League of Legends Champion Guide: Braum the Heart of the Freljord


      In the simplest terms, Braum is one of the most innate tanky supports throughout League of Legends. His kit performs mainly in defensive situations, but can push to offensive quite easily. The learning curve is easy; however, high level plays will need a bit of experience on the champion and his role in fights.


      The pressure that Braum can enforce in lane is mildly decent, his shield and jump can protect any carry, while his Q can punish overreach and zealotry. Be sure to save the shield for pressure and defense, for an ill-timed shield can set up a simple gank onto both you and your ADC. Along with good lane control and defensive basics, Braum can easily sustain an ADC to level 6 and beyond before a back to base. The main point of I have learned playing with Braum is always put yourself last: not only are you support, but your passive and CC can push back multiple aggressors in which other cases could plow down carry players. As with a Thresh, one can save the defensive sustain for being pushed under tower; put up a shield to get a relic proc and stay healthy, while defending the tower against enemy atuo-attacks. One should always be on the back-foot with Braum, a quick turn can stun lock an enemy before they have any chance of escape. Always keep the defensive capabilities in mind before offensive, the shield and Braum passive can help control any lane.


      Picks: With Braums passive, major plays can be made prior to taking any objectives. A 2 v 3 can change tides with a proc of the Braum stun, and a pick can easily be made with the slightest of observation. Turn a fight from a 5 v 5 to a 5 v 4, and push enemies off with a huge shield and a few Q’s!

      Skirmishes: Braum has major peel and decent engage potential, be sure to protect a carry over getting major CC (unless their is a hyper mid carry with huge CC as well, ie: Yasuo). Stun major threats while pushing for a small advantage.

      Team Fights: Braum’s major CC output in a team fight can change the tides of war with good timing in all abilities. Be sure to block major CC projectile damage with your shield, holding off enemy carries with stuns and auto-attacks. A well timed ultimate can split and group enemies together, knocking a few up in the chaos. Not only will this knock-up be key in catching enemies, but it once again gives time for you and your team to quickly pop and enemy carry. The major part of this role is knowing when to engage and when to pull back and protect (a good defensive is the best offense).


League of Legends - Exhaust   League of Legends - Flash


League of Legends - Thresh Guide Runes

  • Greater Quintessence of Health: x3
  • Greater Mark of Health: x9
  • Greater Seal of Armor: x5
  • Greater Seal of Health: x4
  • Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist: x9


  • Levels 1 – 6:   League of Legends - Warding Totem   League of Legends - Relic Shield   League of Legends - Health Potion   League of Legends - Mana Potion   League of Legends - Boots of Speed
  • Levels 6 – 11:   League of Legends - Sightstone   League of Legends - Targons Brace   League of Legends - Boots of Mobility   League of Legends - Crystalline Bracer   League of Legends - Sweeping Lens
  • Levels 11 – 15:   League of Legends - Catalyst The Protector   League of Legends - Righteous Glory   League of Legends - Face of The Mountain   League of Legends - Bamis Cinder
  • Levels 15 – 18:   League of Legends - Sunfire Cape   League of Legends - Ruby Sightstone   League of Legends - Oracles Lens   League of Legends - Locket of The Iron Solari


  • Q:      Levels: 1, 4, 7, 10, and 13
  • W:      Levels: 3, 8, 14, 17, and 18
  • E:      Levels: 2, 5, 9, 12, and 15
  • R:    Levels: 6, 11, and 16


League of Legends - Thresh Guide Masteries

– Written by Vasili Petrovich

– Edited by Williaf

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