How To Improve Your League of Legends Game Play (Part 2)

      This is the second part of an educational series about how to lane properly and how to improve your decision making and movement around the map. This week I will explain how to roam and how to use your teleport.


      Roaming is a really important part of the laning phase. It’s not easy to master; however, it will help you to take the lead and will aid your teammates. A good roamer will have an impact in all lanes so let’s see when and how to roam. The following information can be applied to Top Laners and Mid Laners.

  • When to roam?

          You can’t roam whenever you want! There are some situations when it’s optimal to roam and others when it’s not the best choice. First off, the best situation to roam is when your enemy has backed and you have pushed the lane in hard. Your enemy laner would end up losing cs and he would not be able to push fast while you are roaming to another lane. If everything goes smooth you will get some kills or assists and you won’t lose your tower in the middle lane.

          Another good situation to roam is when you reach your power spikes. For example, I’m playing Irelia and I just completed Trinity Force at the sixteen minute mark. I will push my lane and gank the middle lane because my damage will be great enough to result in a possible kill or assist. It’s nice to roam to a lane who doesn’t have any armor or magic resist against you. For another example, you are playing as Syndra and the enemy Top Laner is building armor against the Renekton on your team, you are going to deal a decent amount of damage to your enemy as he or she would not be prepared for your magic damage based spells.

          Also you should roam to counter gank other lanes. If you can anticipate the enemy Jungler ganking the bottom lane, as you could have spotted him in a deep ward, you can start rotating down to the bottom lane as well so it will be 3v3 instead of 2v3 and you could possibly save your Bot Laners’ lives or get some kills.

          It’s important to move out of your lane if your own jungle is being invaded as you may be able to collapse on the enemy invader with your Jungler and get a free kill. Don’t hesitate to save your Jungler if he is in danger. Simply approaching him the enemy Jungler will cause him to end his invasion as he will be out numbered and will have no one to help him.

  • You need to roam because you’re behind

          Unfortunately you are losing your lane. Pretty hard. We could say you are really fu… ehm, behind. Your enemy killed you twice, you are down thirty cs and you don’t feel comfortable in your lane hugging the tower. Instead of staying in your lane falling even more behind, what you need to do is ROAM. Just get out of your lane.

          Go to the lane that’s ahead and get some advantage. Even if you are behind you can always be useful with crowd control or some damage.

          For example, you are playing Annie and the enemy Azir is giving you nightmares, you can’t farm at all. Luckily your Bot Laners are ahead, Jinx is 2/0 and wrecking that Graves. You need to go botlane, set up a gank with flash + ult and get some kills or assists. Or maybe you can’t gank because they are not overextending but what you can do is help your team to get the tower.

          Let’s analyze the example above. What do you win? What do you lose in exchange? You win a tower, maybe a kill or an assist and experience. Also, you win map pressure because your Bot Laners are free to roam now and your team can place deep wards in enemy territories without that much risk. If you kill the enemy Bot Laners and your own Jungler is close you can simply kill the Dragon. That’s a lot of objectives and pressure, right? But, what do you lose? Your enemy Mid Laner may push and destroy your tower; however, if your Jungler can cover your lane (and not die!) there is a possibility nothing will be lost at all! Incase that your Jungler can’t cover the Middle Lane for you, trading one tower for one tower is not that bad for your team. You won’t have a tower in the Middle Lane, this enables you to have the ability to farm safely between your tier one and tier two towers. You also lose map pressure in the Middle Lane. Your enemy Mid Laner can roam; however, the previous play made would also allow your Bot Laners to roam as well!

          When you are behind you know one thing for sure, staying as you are won’t make you come back into the game. Admit you can’t carry every game and start being useful somewhere else. It’s really important to control the map and objectives and to have a clear mindset about worthiness.

  • Roam to establish dominance in the map

          You are so good at this game, holy moly. You destroyed your enemy in lane, he’s actually afraid of you but, is the enemy Kog’Maw afraid of you? Nah, he’s out-farming your ADC, he’s doing good. You need to do something about that, you need to make them fear you, so ROAM. It’s important to have an impact in every lane so you can snowball yourself, help your teammates and crush your enemies.

          You should roam to the lane who’s losing and force a 3v2 or 2v1. If you are a Top Laner just Teleport behind the enemies in the Bottom Lane and get a double kill. If you are a Mid Laner roam to the Bottom Lane or Top Lane, as if you were a Jungler, and get a kill. Meanwhile, your Jungler should cover your lane or you should get something in exchange for your tower.

          Remember to gank lanes with gank potential. That means you should gank enemies with low mobility and your teammates should have some kind of crowd control or engage in case you don’t. For example, there is no use in ganking a Thresh and Kalista Bottom Lane duo or a LeBlanc in the Middle Lane because they will have a great chance in escaping.

          While roaming attempt to avoid wards! For example, don’t roam through the river because it’s very likely that you will be spotted by a ward placed by the enemies. If you are ganking the Bottom Lane, go through the enemy jungle behind their red buff and gank them from behind. This also applies with the Top Lane.

          It’s also important to know where the enemy Jungler is and the location of your own Jungler so that you are safe to roam without any disgusting surprises.

          After the successful roam, you need to take as many objectives as possible. Dragon, Towers, Buffs, jungle Camps, and etc. This is the same as in the “Roam when behind” part where I explain the importance of objectives when roaming and the worthiness of them. When you are ahead, though, you shouldn’t lose your tower because you should be back to lane when the enemy is already hitting your tower. (You push the lane before roaming so your enemy needs to decide between following you or getting cs).

          The basics between these two sections are really similar; however, the reasoning behind them its completely different. If you are behind you can roam to get back into the game through objectives and help to snowball your teammates. If ahead you roam to save your teammates and snowball yourself. In both cases objectives are priority. I can’t stress the importance of objectives anymore than I already have.

I main support, can I roam too?

      Of course! Support roams are really powerful early on in a game and completely unexpected. It’s quite risky to let your ADC alone if you can’t trust in his survival skills.

  • When to roam?

          If your AD Carry is back and your lane is pushing towards the enemy’s tower, you are free to roam to the Middle Lane and set up a gank.

          You can roam when the enemy Bot Laners recall and go back to their base. You should be able to roam to the  Middle Lane, get a fast kill and come back before your enemies are knocking at your tower. Your AD Carry should be playing safe all this time.

          Mobility boots are awesome when roaming, it will help to roam between lanes faster.

          Not every support is good at roaming. Some support champions that excel in roaming are Leona, Alistar and Thresh.

  • How to do it?

          That’s pretty much the same as roaming if you were in the Top Lane or the Middle Lane. Take a path where there are no wards. For example, behind the enemy. Roam early so your enemy won’t expect it and your Mid Laner will have the ability to snowball easily with an early kill.

Red arrow when playing in red side, blue arrow when playing in blue side



      Lately Teleport has been a powerful summoner spell, even Mid Laners are using it. It’s important to know how to use it properly because it can be completely game changing.

  • Jungle Camps: As a Top Laner you can take a jungle camp at level 1. For example, wolves or raptors, then go back to your base and Teleport back to your lane while you buy pots and a ward if you have enough gold. This will give you an experience advantage in lane, which is really good. Not every champion can do this though, Riven and Maokai are great examples of champions who can perform this unique type of starting strategy.
  • Ganking Lanes: In the early game you can gank the Bottom Lane with your Teleport. Communicate with your team so they place a ward in the second bush, then when the enemy Bot Laners push you can Teleport to force a 3v2 and get some juicy kills. It is important to ping your team to clearly communicate you are using your Teleport. After that you can get the Dragon or the Bottom Lane tier one tower. It is likely that you will lose your own Top Lane tower; however, it’s not a big deal if you can get more things in exchange. An ideal situation would be your Jungler covering the Top Lane for you while you gank the Bottom Lane via Teleport.
  • Counter Gank: That’s like ganking lanes; however, being reactive instead of proactive. If your teammates are in trouble instantly use your Teleport to change the team fight around in your team’s favor. You need to be sure about the Teleport and if you decide to cancel it, ping to your team so they don’t follow the TP.
  • Team Fighting: If you decide to Teleport when the team fight has already started you should try to get a good flank. There are many champs good at flanking suck as Hecarim, Kennen or Riven. Also, communicate with your team about the flank so they can bate or play around it.
  • Split Pushing: In the Middle – Late game you can split push and Teleport if your team is contesting an objective or a team fight has started. Teleport when the team fight has already started is not always the best choice, your team may need you to initiate.


  • You can Teleport on structures, wards, minions and other things like Thresh lantern, Rek’sai tunnels or Zac passive.

  • Never Teleport back to your lane past the 8-9 minute mark because around that time every champion will be level 6 and important team fights may occur.

Written by Losties

Edited by Williaf

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