Five Simple Mistakes That Affect Your ELO Rating

      Have you ever wondered what is the difference between Bronze and Gold players? The difference between a Shiny Border and No Border at all? Skin and no Skin? The truth of the matter is that the skill difference between Bronze players and Gold players is minimal. In fact, there are a lot of Bronze players who are mechanically better than Gold players. Then why is it that one get’s a pretty skin and the other doesn’t? These five simple mistakes may be the cause of the gap you are looking at.

1.) Not Being Focused / Distraction Free

      Oh, you want to climb the ladder? Good, play ranked games! Does this mean you should play only ranked games? No. Please, don’t play ranked games unless you CAN play them. Don’t play if you have to leave for class in thirty five minutes or because dinner is almost ready! If your Mom knows how to turn off the router (Especially if she knows how to turn off the router) and you know there is not enough time to play a game, do not start one!

      The main point is to be sure you have at least one hour and fifteen minutes to play free of distractions. Make yourself comfortable to play. Eat if you are hungry, pee if your bladder is full, and go to sleep if you are feeling tired. Sit down to play the game and the game only. Losing a game because you had to leave for dinner/angry mom/school means you lost your valuable time AND your valuable MMR because you didn’t plan yourself.


2.) Thinking You Are In an LCS Game

      Climbing is good and winning feels great; however, losing is part of the game as well. Don’t get all beat up after a loss. It’s just part of the climb and it’s inevitable. Read these words carefully: LOSING IS OK! Read it again. LOSING IS OK! One last time: LOSING IS OK! Now stop, think about those words. Even Faker lose some Solo Queue games every once in a while. It’s part of the game. Don’t tilt about it.

      A tip for when you lose a game: Get away from your computer right away. Have a glass of water, sit on the couch for a little bit, watch some television, or take a walk around the block. When the game is out of your mind, go back to the computer, and think about what went wrong. Analyzing your own play is hard, but try to identify what you could do better.


3.) Not Watching Your Replays

      As you might know, Riot Games is not releasing a replay platform anytime soon; however, the League of Legends community of developers was more than happy to fix that. is my favorite replay platform that is currently available. During a game, some mistakes are hard to spot. But man, have you ever watched your own replays? It made me feel sad the first time. It’s incredible how bad I really am at this game. It’s a little bit depressing. However, at least now I know how bad I suck, and knowing that, I know what to do to improve. My tip is to watch your replays with a pen and paper and write down your own mistakes. Really, write it down instead of typing it. It takes longer so it makes you think more about it.

4.) Thinking It’s All About Playing More and More

      Well, playing game after game will eventually make you a better player; however, it’s not only about game play! One of the biggest aspects of League of Legends (surprisingly, one of the easiest to increase) is knowledge. Knowing HOW to do is nothing if you don’t know WHAT to do. Can you land a perfect Lee Sin’s inesc kick? If you can, great! Now do you know when it’s not a good idea to? Well, that’s the point. Reading about the game, it’s one of the most important things you can do. A few items everyone should know:

– Lane and Minion Control
– The vision game; Warding and Vision Control.
– Team Compositions, Champion Knowledge, match-ups and how to play with the champions your team chosen.

      While these might take mechanical skill to properly execute, it’s mostly theory. You can read a ton of material about this. Again. Uncle Google will help you find these contents. r/summonerschool on is a nice place to read about those League of Legends topics as well.


5.) Trying To Solo-Carry

      I know, I know. A LOT of people will say: “If you wan’t to climb you need to learn how to carry your team.” In my opinion you do not have to at all! Listen to me on this one. League of Legends is a game where FIVE players are on your team. If you are really skilled, you may have the ability to Solo-Carry your team; however, you’ll never be able to do that against a team that has the same skill as yourself!
Plus, getting that kind of pressure on your own shoulders is unnecessary Why in the world would you do that? Let’s do an exercise: You have five heavy boxes that must be carried to another place. You have four people to help you. What would you do? Try to carry everything by yourself? Of course, one of those people might drop their box! However, you do not have to grab his or her box from him or her as soon as it falls to the ground. Simply, give him or her boost and he or she will be able to take care of themselves. Just as in League of Legends if a team mate begins to fall behind you can aid him or her in getting a kill to boost him or her up.

      In League of Legends you have to help your team out! Sometimes, nothing you do will be enough to take your team to victory. Sometimes the person who dropped the box won’t accept your help and will scream at you and you will lose. Feel bad about this? Read number two again and move on! Best of luck to everyone on Summoner’s Rift!


Written by PedroFTW

Edited by Williaf


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