Finale Cup Review of 6/30/2017: Kings of the “Wild West”


     The Finale Cup Review is a monthly article series that is published on the Thursday following a Reverie Rift Cup tournament to keep those within Reverie Esports’ community and the amateur League of Legends scene up to date as to what is occurring in the Reverie Rift Cup tournaments.

Top Performances Review

     Filling in for highly talented and Master Tier ranked middle laner Wasorì, Soligo fit in just fine with the rest of Last Hope. The Challenger Tier ranked player was the epitome of perfection in the Reverie Rift Cup #3 tournament as he was able to end last Sunday night with a KDA Ratio of 43! Soligo did not die in any of the three games that he competed in as he also participated in 43 out of the 77 kills that Last Hope had throughout the tournament for a kill participation percentage of 55.84%! The Challenger Tier ranked player is only a substitute for Last Hope, this middle laner definitely deserves a starting spot on a team!

Reverie Rift Cup #3 | Overall Statistics

Reverie Rift Cup #3 | Semifinals Round | Statistics

Reverie Rift Cup #3 | Finals Round | Statistics

Kings of the “Wild West”

     As the second and third Reverie Rift Cups have flown by us, no one has been able to win a series against Last Hope. Of all the teams in the League of Legends amateur scene, which at this point has literally become the “Wild West,” only Team 7x, during the finals of the Reverie Rift Cup #2 tournament, has been able to take a game off of Last Hope. The Kings of the Wild West were able to shake off that loss and win the best of three series, two to one. While Last Hope is not exactly invincible, the team has its battle scars and have the ability to compete under pressure. In these past two months, the team composed of players from the Master and Challenger Tier ranks has accumulated $285 of cash and other valuable prizing. As long as prizing is still offered, Last Hope will have their eyes on the tournaments within the League of Legends amateur scene and it may be a very long time until we see them suffer a loss on Summoner’s Rift again.

Reverie Rift Cup #2 | Finals Round | Statistics

Written and Edited by Williaf

Featured Image Provided by Johannes Plenio

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