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      After buying out the player contracts and an NA LCS spot from Team Coast in the most high-profile confirmed move of this offseason, NRG eSports has succeeded in bringing in Lee “GBM” Chang-seok (이창석) from Korea’s Jin Air Green Wings as their starting Mid Laner. While NA LCS fans better be familiar with the team’s star Top Laner, Impact, after his stellar first NA LCS season with TiP, it’s yet to be seen how fans will react to GBM in the long-term. That being said, fans ADORE the NA LCS’s new Korean superstar as of yet, and it looks like he will be a strong second in command for NRG.

      GBM, or GankedByMom, comes from him being repeatedly caught playing in the middle of the night by his mom. He, along with most pro players, has played since the earliest stages of League of Legends; however, after falling to near Silver ELO in Season 1, he made a new account where he played only Orianna, reaching a Max ELO of 2100 playing her exclusively. Before joining Jin Air Green Wings to play last season, GBM had bounced around quite a bit since leaving Azubu Frost, including a previous short-lived stint with Jin Air.

Photo credit: http://m.inven.co.kr/
Photo credit: http://m.inven.co.kr/

      Thus far, his eclectic personality has garnered him comparisons to the beloved Maknoon, immediately indicating some serious love. Among Korean players he has been known to have the best English, nearly at conversational level, so the language barrier felt by most teams who have brought in foreign players should hopefully be streamlined in the case of NRG.

      As for his most recent play with the Green Wings, GBM was solid; however, not earth-shattering. On almost exclusively control mages, GBM managed a KDA near six; however, this can largely be attributed to him just not dying as much as other Mid Laners in the league due to his passive play by nature, as he still only averaged less than 4 kills a game. While his low death numbers are impressive, his meaningful damage numbers left some to be desired. Champions of this style usually have over-inflated damage numbers due to their high poke and long range abilities and frankly sometimes Jin Air needed him to take a bigger role earlier in the game. MonteCristo compared GBM’s picking of Xerath to that of a smite Ezreal pick, easy to stay alive and inflate your own stats on; however, difficult to win around. This is a good way of describing GBM’s play this season. This isn’t to say he had a bad season by any means, there is a reason he was coveted by multiple NA teams this off-season; however, the Green Wings just couldn’t seem to execute their win condition around that of GBM.

Infograph credit: Leaguepedia.com
Infograph credit: Leaguepedia.com

      In the end, League of Legends fans and players alike should know by now that only time will tell if GBM is a good pick for both NRG and North America in general; however, as of yet, all signs clearly point to yes as this off-season has proved to be quite eventful in the world of League of Legends.


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