Competitive Ruling: Da Crew

     During the third place match in the Reverie Rift Cup #2 [Qualifier #2] tournament, the team Da Crew displayed behavior that was unsportsmanlike and unacceptable in terms of Reverie Esports standards. Their actions consisted of spam pausing during their match and toxic language within the public Reverie Esports discord channel. Even though Da Crew is a long time regular team that has competed with us for many months there is no room for toxicity within our community and tournaments. Da Crew and their captain, Heroux4, will be banned and will not be allowed to compete in any tournaments hosted by Reverie Esports ever again. Even though this team finished in fourth place in the Reverie Rift Cup #2 [Qualifier #2] tournament they will not receive their one Qualifier Point.

Written and Edited by Williaf

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