Clash Royale Newsletter of 6/7/2016

Notice From Clan Leader

      I would like to apologize for not being able to make this newsletter post this past Sunday (6/5/2016) as I was on a vacation and I was not working on anything Reverie Esports related during that timeframe. Those who are inactive within the clan and do not donate will be removed this upcoming Sunday! (6/12/2016)

New and Returning Elders

      In the Reverie Esports Clash Royale clan there are four clan members who hold the ranking of Elder. The top two players who have the most trophies and the top two players who have donated the most cards and were not previously selected to be an Elder earn the ranking of Elder.

Miracle (First Most Trophies: 2,666): He is our top ranked clan member for the second week in a row and continues to gain trophies every single week. Miracle is on his way 3,000 trophies and the Legendary Arena! Best of luck to him while he competes with his Princess / Golem / Balloon oriented deck to the top of the ranks!

Kenny (Second Most Trophies: 2,158): He is a long time member that has climbed up to the Royal Arena using his Sparky / Giant / Mirror oriented deck.

CORNCAKE (First Most Donations: 507): He has retained his Elder status from the previous week and increased his donation amount from 337 to 507, a 170 difference! I hope to see him continue his generosity for the well being of the clan in the future.

Isaiah56 (Second Most Donations: 421): He has gained the status of Elder for the first time while being apart of the Reverie Esports clan! Thank you for assisting in developing the players of our clan!

NOTICE: These Elder promotions/demotions were based on the week of 5/30/2016 – 6/5/2016!

Community Poll Results

      I would like to make a big shoutout to everyone who voted in the polls this past week! It looks as if we will be hosting Clash Royale tournaments soon. I will be picking a weekend day and deciding on rules and the format in the next newsletter on this upcoming Sunday. Below you can view the results of the poll.

CPR 5-29-2016 - 6-4-2016

Clan Statistics

      From now on every week we will be keeping track of all clan statistics to see how we improve as time goes on! In the parenthesis will be the change from the prior week in percentages.

  • Amount of Clan Members: 50/50 (0%)
  • Trophy Count of the Clan: 14,741 (+3.156%)
  • Total Donations of the Clan: 4,295 (+32.479%)

Written and Edited by Williaf

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