Clash Royale Newsletter of 6/19/2016

Notice From the Clan Leader

      A large number of members (twenty two to be exact) have been removed from the clan for not donating in the clan. This will leave room for new members to join in when tournaments begin two weeks from today (7/3/2016)! There will be some updates to the Reverie Esports website where Clash Royale tournaments will be added to the website in the near future.

New and Returning Elders

      In the Reverie Esports Clash Royale clan there are four clan members who hold the ranking of Elder. The top two players who have the most trophies and the top two players who have donated the most cards and were not previously selected to be an Elder earn the ranking of Elder.

Miracle (First Most Trophies || 2,828): He remains on top of the trophy count for the clan as he makes his push towards the Legendary Arena! Recently he was also able to upgrade his Princess to Level 2!

Kenny (Second Most Trophies || 2,369): He continues to climb in trophies with his Sparky oriented deck and is firmly situated in the Royal Arena

CORNCAKE (First Most Donations || 458): He has remained as an Elder for four weeks in a row as he continues to show his aid to the clan by being the top donator yet again!

Gabe (Second Most Donations || 316): He returns to Elder status for donating the second most cards in the clan. Gabe did have an off week; however, he is back at it with helping the clan’s strength grow!

Clan Statistics

      From now on every week we will be keeping track of all clan statistics to see how we improve/worsen as time goes on! In the parenthesis will be the change from the prior week in percentages.

  • Amount of Clan Members: 28/50 (-44.0%)
  • Trophy Count of the Clan: 14,007 (-4.979%)
  • Total Donations of the Clan: 4,592 (+6.915%)

Written and Edited by Williaf

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