Announcement of 7/18/2017: The End of an Era

     After two years of hosting League of Legends tournaments on a weekly basis, Reverie Esports will collectively be ending their services as tournament organizers as the Reverie Rift Cup will no longer be ran by us. Considering the amount of time and effort that Reverie Esports’ staff members have invested into developing their latest product, the Reverie Rift Cup, it is no longer worth it for us to organize League of Legends tournaments. The Reverie Rift Cup #4 season will be ending short this month for a fresh new start for Reverie Esports. The organization will not become inactive as we are pivoting in another direction to have success in the field of esports. I want to personally thank each and every free agent player, team, and staff member for making our League of Legends tournaments everything that they were. Best of luck to everyone later on down the road in their esports careers!

Written and Edited by Williaf

Featured Image Provided by Sebastian Sammer

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