A Purple Flavored Guide

      Lulu is a great champion to play in the bottom lane to get your AD Carry through the early game. She combines excellent poke, disengage, and crowd control for an overall fantastic kit. Read on to find out how you can make your enemies taste purple with the Fae Sorceress. 

      Disclaimer: I’ve only played Lulu as support so that’s what this guide is meant for; however, a lot of the tips can also be applied to solo lane Lulu.

Summoner Spells


      You always want flash for obvious reasons. The other spell is based mostly on who you’re laning with. If you want to go super aggressive (IE: You’re laning with a Graves, Draven, Lucian, Corki, etc.) then you can take Ignite. Ignite is also good if the enemy team is bringing a lot of healing. Otherwise you’re going to want to take exhaust, it won’t steal kills and when combined intelligently with your polymorph (W) you can lock someone down for a long time.



      For runes I use hybrid penetration marks. These give you the best bang for your buck in terms of value. You’ll do more damage with your auto attacks, more damage with Pix’s enhanced auto attack, and more damage with your abilities for maximum poke. Health seals are next so you don’t instantly die to an all-in and MR glyphs so you aren’t a free kill when the enemy mid-laner roams down. For quints I usually take Ability Power for even more poke and shield health but if you have an ADC who has a weak early game feel free to take Armor quints to be more tanky.



      Mastery pages for caster supports are pretty cookie-cutter now with the new mastery page. Wanderer, Secret Stash, and Meditation are no brainers. The first interesting choice is between Bandit and Dangerous Game. If you’re taking ignite or you want to go aggressive then you’ll probably get more value out of Dangerous Game, otherwise you can take Bandit for more gold generation. Then, Intelligence and Windspeaker’s Blessing for obvious reasons. Keep in mind with Intelligence you can reach 45% CDR. You probably won’t actually reach that in most games but it is something to note. Then in the Resolve tree you’re going to want to take Recovery, Explorer, Veteran’s Scars, and Insight – all very straightforward selections.

Skill Order

      You can max your abilities however you see fit for the situation. Generally I like to max E followed by Q; however, if you’re doing really well in lane you can max Q first for extra damage. You can even max W second if there’s a very fed hyper carry on the enemy team (Riven, Tryndamere, etc.) because it increases the duration of the polymorph when casted on enemy champions, shutting them down for a longer period of time.


      Your passive does good early game damage when combined with your auto attacks. You should look for any opportunity to get free damage in this way. Whenever the opposing AD Carry comes up to last hit go for an auto attack. You can also go for auto attacks on enemy melee supports if they’re not in range to all-in you. Your passive will transfer to the target of your shield (E) whether to enhance their auto attacks (ally) or reveal them (enemy). Wherever Pix is is also the direction the second bolt from your Glitterlance (Q) will come from, more on that later.


      Your Q is mainly used for poking and it’s also great for disengage. If you max this first it does very good damage as well. Keep in mind only one bolt can hit an enemy but you can fire it off at weird angles if you use Help, Pix! (E) first. It’s a great way to harass people from extremely far away, but make sure you don’t cast it too much because it can drain your mana very quickly.  And you’ll need enough mana to use all your abilities if an all-in or a gank occurs.


      Whimsy is hilarious, oh look a big angry Tryndamere is spinning at you? STUPIFY! Oh what’s that? You have a super fed Kog’Maw? Speed him up so he can mow everyone down! Whimsy is your most important ability late game because you have the power to completely shut down the most fed member of the enemy team or make your carry extremely hard to kill. If you max this early you’ll increase the poly duration and the speed boost. You can follow up the polymorph with an exhaust or a slow from your Q, just make sure not to overlap them.


      I prefer to max this first nowadays with the new mastery changes giving the targets of your shields +15% resistances and making the shields stronger. Your E is great for saving someone, poking, or shielding yourself as you go in for auto attack harass. It also reveals enemies if you cast it on an opponent, this is great for champions that can go into stealth because your team will still be able to see them. Also, be sure to use this on enemies trying to escape through the Jungle because your team will retain vision on them if they try some cute stuff in the brush.


      Your ultimate is an amazing ability to save someone’s life. It knocks up all enemies around your target and gives your target a massive boost in health. I love this ability because, like all of Lulu’s abilities, it can be used both offensively and defensively. You can save a teammate’s life with it, which is the obvious use, but you can also engage or follow up engage with it. For instance; if you have your Jungler coming you can just flash into the enemy team and ult yourself for a double knockup and slow to start things off, or you can follow up on an Amumu or Malphite ultimate for a huge wombo combo.

Early Game

      The early game is where Lulu shines, you have ridiculous poke from your E, auto attacks, and Q. Your goal should be to poke out the enemy bot lane so they can’t come up to CS. Try not to get engaged on because Lulu is fairly fragile, especially if you use Ability Power quints instead of armor. Lulu is also very good at getting deep wards in the enemy jungle because she can speed herself up with W and if anyone catches her she can just slow them with Glitterlance while quickly running away. Lulu is also very good at roaming up and ganking the Mid Lane; you have good damage and a slow to combine with whatever your Mid Laner is bringing.

Mid Game

      In the Mid Game you want to keep deep warding. It’s even more important as dragon fights start happening. You can turn fights around with your ultimate by either keeping a key member alive or just keeping the enemy team in place for a good follow up from your team. Make sure at this point you know who you’re going to use your W on and who you need to exhaust in team fights.

Late Game

      Your only goal here is to keep your carries alive any way you can. You need to carefully think about who you need to use your E and W on because your target will change every game based on who is doing the most damage on each team. You can also use your W to muff an enemy’s engage: polymorphing Amumu right after his bandage toss lands but before the ultimate can give your team enough time to spread out an avoid a deadly wombo combo. 

      Poke through the Early Game, deep ward and turn fights with your ultimate in the Mid Game and keep your AD Carry alive late in the game is a surefire way to win a ton of games on the Sorceress.

Images courtesy of lolking.net, League of Legends client, and gameinfo.na.leagueoflegends.com

Written by Qualk

Edited by Williaf

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