A Guide To Ganking


      In League of Legends there is a meta which consists of what we call “standard lanes”. Standard lanes is when there is a top laner in the top lane from each team, a mid laner in the mid lane from each team and an adc and support in the bottom lane from each team. This guide will focus on ganking standard lanes.

      Ganking can be defined as when a teammate comes into your lane to help you kill your opposing laner(s). Junglers are normally the ones who gank, but a roaming mid/support is also likely to gank. Any champion in any role by this definition can gank but it is unusual for some to gank. Certain champions have better kits for ganking at certain levels.


General Ganking Tips

Gap Closers: When you go to gank, you want to try to save your gap closers for as long as possible. You want to walk up to the enemy laner and apply your crowd control but not engage with your gap closer. The reason this is is because after you come to gank, they are often going to want to escape and a method of doing this is to use their flash/escape. If you initiate with your gap closer and they flash out, they will most likely survive the gank. However, if you hold your gap closer and they flash out, you can gap close to them and likely pick up the kill. For example on Xin Zhao, I would try to walk behind the person and use my Q. If they use an escape/flash, I would then E to them (which also applies a slow) rendering their attempted escape relatively useless.

Pathing: Try to path for the best route to the gank that gives you the least chance of being seen. It is often worth to take a route that is twice as long as it increases the chances of a successful gank. When you plan your jungle route, try to plan it so it leaves you closest to your destination that you want to attempt a gank on. For example, if I am blue side and I want to put an early gank on top lane, I would start Krugs -> Red -> Blue -> Gank. You could also start Red -> Wolves -> Blue -> Gank, but the idea is to go through the jungle, pick up your buffs and level 3 and be in a position to gank.

Orb Walking: When you gank with any champion (but mostly champions without hard gap closers like Udyr), you want to orb walk (moving in between each auto attack) in front of the enemy (in between them and their turret) so that if they do try to escape you are that much closer to where they will be and they will likely still be in auto attack range.

Red Buff: Red buff will greatly help your ganks as it applies a slow with each auto attack. Do not underestimate the effect of red buff!

Ward Coverage: If you walk into a bush and the enemy laner immediately starts retracting you were likely spotted somewhere along the map. Try to clear out the ward and come back later unless you will still be able to gank successfully.

Successful Gank: If you get a flash and the enemy laner lived it is still a relatively successful gank. However, the gank will be useless if you/your laner do not take the opportunity of the flash being down. It can also be a successful gank to apply pressure to the lane so your laner can build an advantage. For example, if you do a solid chunk of damage and force the enemy laner to back, your laner can then shove in the lane, denying the enemy laner CS and experience. If the enemy laner gets chunked and chooses to stay, your laner can freeze the wave and zone the enemy laner.

Counter-Ganking: Counter-ganking is a very powerful tool in league of legends and should never be underestimated. Counter-ganking it being in a position to gank the lane directly after the enemy ganked it, turning it from a 2vs1 to a 2vs2. Often times the person who showed second will win the fight, so when you are going to gank make sure you are careful about the possibilities of being counter-ganked!

Ganking the 2vs2: Bot lane is normally where the 2vs2 is, and unlike in team fights, you normally want to focus the support first. The reason is because the support brings all the cc, and the adc does not have crazy damage like they would late game. Supports also bring escapes, like Thresh and his lantern, meaning that if you focus the adc and thresh runs away the adc will just get pulled out. However, if you focus Thresh, you severely limit his escaping capabilities as well as the adc’s. In some cases it is best to focus the adc but this is case by case so use your best judgement!


Route Taken Into The Lanes

Note: For the convenience of the game being in the proper situation, all screenshots were taken in a custom game.

Top Lane

Blue Side: In the situation when the lanes are even or when your laner is pushed, you want to enter the gank through the tri bush. When you do this, you come in from behind the enemy laner, allowing you to walk up to them without using a gap closer, increasing your chances of a successful gank. When your laner is pushed and you are going for a dive you want to go through the tri bush as it is the closest path to the tower.

You may also want to enter in through the river if the enemy laner is pushed up extremely far as you will still be entering behind him, you will just be saving yourself time.

Red Side: In red side, you almost always want to enter through the river as it will be the further back. You almost never want to enter through the tri bush as it puts you on the wrong side of the enemy laner.

Mid Lane

Blue Side: From the blue side, you rarely want to enter through the bushes on the side. The bushes on the side is often warded and usually does not give you a strong position. When you gank you want to come in between either the raptor camp and the bush, or in between the wolf camp and the bush.

Be careful not to walk too close to the lane before committing as they might obtain vision of you!



Red Side: Ganking on the red side is mirrored from the blue side.



Getting to these positions: Getting to these positions that put you behind the enemy laner can often be tricky due to wards. When going to the places, you want to hug the wall by the red buffs. This is because that if you run straight through, a ward from the bush in the middle of the lanes will spot you, and you want to avoid being seen.

Screen04Screen08Bot Lane

Blue Side: When ganking bot lane from the blue side, you will almost always enter through the river. This gives you the best positioning for the gank, and this lane is a mirrored version of the top lane.

Red Side: Just like in top lane, you are almost always going to want to come through the tri bush. This will give you the best positioning as it will almost always allow you to be behind the enemy laners.

In lane ganks: In lane ganks can be very powerful, and can be done in either top or bot lane. The way to execute this gank is to have your laners shove their lane and you walk into the bushes in the lane unseen. Your laners then let the enemy laners push back, and you are in a prime spot to gank. This method can also be extremely strong in setting up counter ganks.


- Written by Hallucination

- Edited by Williaf

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