A Detailed Guide to Season 6 Masteries

With the new season comes new Masteries! Read on to find out which ones you should select for your favorite champions.

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AD Carry


AD Jungle


AP Jungle

Mid AP

AP Mid


Tank Support


Caster Support


      For the most part this tree is pretty straightforward; however, there are a few key decisions to be made based on the champion and your team comp. This is the offensive tree, you’re going to be putting 18 points here if your goal is to do damage. You will be using this tree for AD Carries, AP Mids, most Junglers, and aggressive Top Laners. The first tier is very easy, Fury if you’re AD, Sorcery if you’re AP. For laning I usually am going to take Feast in tier 2; however, Junglers may want to take Double Edged Sword instead for the increased damage on ganks. Feast amounts to a lot of extra health in the laning phase if you’re killing a minion every 20 seconds, which you should be. Next you have Lifesteal / Spell Vamp or Scaling AD / AP. For most Junglers the Vampirism talent should be selected to help with your clearing. For other roles it depends on how you think your laning phase will go. If you’re going to have a tough early game (Vayne against Caitlyn for instance) then you’re probably going to want to go with Vampirism to help you lifesteal back up against that poke, otherwise you can go with Natural Talent because that’s going to be much better in the late game.

      The next choice is probably the most interesting in the tree. Bounty Hunter is flat out better if the game goes long; however, Oppressor is significantly better in the early game, especially if your team has a lot of CC. Most of the time on Junglers I’m going to be taking Bounty Hunter because as a Jungler you’re roaming around, ganking different lanes, and killing different enemy champions so as soon as you kill three separate champions it’s already better than Oppressor. On AD Carries, however, Oppressor can be much much better if you’re laning with say a Leona because that will give you a flat 2.5% damage increase on a target that’s stunned right from the get-go. The next tier is self-explanatory, Battering Blows for AD and Piercing Thoughts for AP. The final tier of Ferocity is also very interesting. This is the new keystone mastery that your teammates and opponents will be able to see when they check the score screen in game. For AP carries Deathfire Touch is the only one that makes any real sense, most AP champions can’t cast enough abilities in a row to benefit from Fervor of Battle and Warlord’s Bloodlust is just for crits. Junglers will be going with Fervor of Battle for Devourer stackers or Deathfire Touch for AP. For AD Carries your choice will depend on your champion. Champions that like to stack a lot of attack speed such as Vayne or Kog’Maw will benefit the most from Fervor for Battle, but AD stacking champions like Graves and Varus will benefit more from Warlord’s Bloodlust.


      The Cunning tree is the new utility tree; however, it definitely has some great options for assassins. If you’re going to be roaming a lot, support or a Twisted Fate Mid Laner for instance then Wanderer is going to be your best option, otherwise go with Savagery to help with last hitting. If you take a lot of blue buffs or are a selfish Jungler then Runic Affinity is a good choice. For support the obvious choice here is Secret Stash. Unfortunately, the next tier is also obvious for supports, since you’re not going to be doing as much damage Merciless will most of the time be pretty useless so go with Meditation. For assassins and all-in dive champions Merciless is the obvious choice over Meditation.

      In tier four Bandit is the quintessential support talent, providing you with a substantial amount of gold throughout the game so you’re pretty much always going to select that one for support. Since the passive effect of Bandit doesn’t apply if you last hit yourself that forces you to select Dangerous Game if you’re a Solo Laner going down this tree. The next tier is also obvious for most players; Precision is great for assassins or damage dealers in general while Intelligence is incredibly good for support players. Intelligence now allows you to pass the CDR cap of 40% to 45%. This is ridiculous for most champions as you’ll be able to cast so many more abilities during the course of a fight, so if you do take this look to stack CDR items early if possible. The keystone mastery is again obvious for supports as Windspeaker’s Blessing is the clear choice, giving your target an additional 15% resistance for three seconds when you heal or shield someone else. For assassins Stormraider’s Surge is a great choice, activating if you damage an enemy champion down 30% of their max health within 2 seconds, very easy for most assassins once they get access to their ultimate. This will help champions like Zed, Fizz, and Katarina finish off their targets with the huge burst of movement speed. Thunderlord’s Decree is the weakest selection of this tree but could be useful on champions that value high AoE damage and can cast abilities in rapid succession such as Karthas or Cassiopeia.


      The new tank tree has some great options for everyone and will likely have at least 12 points devoted to it for a lot of different champion builds. Tier 1 is easy, if you’re going to be building defensive stats then Unyielding is better otherwise go with Recovery. The next choice is interesting for Junglers, Explorer increases your gank potency while Touch Skin makes your clear much safer. Select whichever option applies to your play style. For instance, I take Tough Skin on Nocturne because I like to farm up until level six and stack up my devourer before I look to start making an impact on the map. Veteran’s Scars increases total health, much better if you plan on building health but will also benefit champions that don’t build it because it’s flat health not bonus health. Runic Armor is great if you have a support or Solo Laner that has shields and healing. This tier is very situational because of Runic Armor so make sure to switch out for Veteran’s Scars if you don’t have anyone who can shield or heal on your team.

      Insight in the next tier is going to be the best selection for most players; however, Perseverance can be extremely beneficial on champions like Zac or Dr. Mundo who have tools to increase their health regeneration when low on health. The fifth tier is also situational and should be considered in every game you’re going deep into the Resolve tree. If the opposing team has a ton of crowd control and slows then Swiftness is better, otherwise go with Legendary Guardian. Legendary Guardian is most of the time going to be better on Support anyways because you’re in a 2v2 lane so that’s automatically going to get you an extra 6 armor and magic resist right from the start. The keystone masteries for this tree are really cool. Bond of Stone is the best choice for Support players; first of all it gives you a flat 4% damage reduction which doubles if you’re near an ally and makes 8% of the damage they would take redirect to you instead. Strength of the Ages is actually really good for tanky junglers as they’ll be able to stack up to that 300 health fairly quickly, especially if they gank lanes while the siege minion is there. Grasp of the Undying is probably the worst choice in this tier; however, it could be good on champions that stack a lot of health and prefer to life steal to max health.

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Written by Qualk

Edited by Williaf


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