League of Legends Champion Guide: Olaf The Berserker


      Have you ever thought to yourself, “I need a champion that will just end someone’s happiness because he is so over powered?” Olaf has that characteristic as well as the potential to be a berserk force that will lead your team to victory! I have my own original build that will keep you and your team in the lead throughout the whole game. To begin, the start of Olaf should be aggressive in order to get first blood and to get things rolling. For Starting Items, I would recommend buying a Long Sword, two Health Potions, and a Mana Potion.

League of Legends - Long Sword   League of Legends - Health Potion   League of Legends - Mana Potion


      Purchasing the Long Sword for extra damage and the Health Potions for a little sustain in the beginning is very important for your start. Throughout the game it is vital that you poke your enemies consistently. Use the ability Undertow [Q] to throw axes at your enemies and remember to pick up your thrown axes in order to get a cool down reduction on the Undertow [Q] ability. Olaf’s passive, Berserker Rage, states: For each 1% of health missing, Olaf’s attack speed is increased by 1%. UTILIZE THE PASSIVE! When you are level one be very aggressive as you will be able to win many skirmishes even as your health decreases due to your increased attack speed from Berserker Rage. For Summoner’s Spells, Ignite and Flash are great choices. Ignite will give you kill potential and Flash can help secure a kill or help you cheat death yourself.

League of Legends - Undertow   League of Legends - Berserker Rage   League of Legends - Ignite   League of Legends - Flash


      Now you are in lane and hopefully got first blood! If not don’t worry, you’re going to get a big damage spike at level three once you upgrade your skill Reckless Swing [E] which will provide you with a lot of damage! Also, at level two you should upgrade your skill Vicious Strikes [W] to have an increase in life steal. Olaf’s build, in my opinion, should start off with life steal to reach this champion’s full potential. For your first back, you should buy a Vampiric Scepter to have more sustain.

League of Legends - Reckless Swing   League of Legends - Vicious Strikes   League of Legends - Vampiric Scepter


      For your final items you should get a Ravenous Hydra, Blade of the Ruined King, Youmuu’s Ghostblade Ninja Tabi Boots, Frozen Mallet, and a Warmog’s Armor in that order:

League of Legends - Ravenous Hydra   League of Legends - Blade of the Ruined King   League of Legends - Youmuu's Ghostblade   League of Legends - Ninja Tabi   League of Legends - Frozen Mallet   League of Legends - Warmog's Armor


      Olaf’s ultimate is known as Ragnarok [R]. This ability is very unique as when it is activated you become immune to all disables for a short period of time. With Ragnarok [R], Olaf becomes a true force in team fights. During early game team fights you can engage; however, make sure you use Ragnarok [R] then use Vicious Strikes [W] immediately after casting your ultimate. Now your enemies’ crowd control will not be a factor and you can advance to the back line. From this position, you can take care of the the AD Carry and the AP Caster and help win team fights! It is important to remember to consistently be hitting your enemies to take full advantage of Vicious Strikes [W] while using your ultimate.

League of Legends - Ragnarok


      Use three Greater Quintessences of Attack Damage, nine Greater Marks of Attack Damage, nine Greater Seals of Armor, four Greater Glyphs of Attack Damage, and four Greater Glyphs of Magic Resist

League of Legends - Olaf Guide Runes


. Offense: four points in Fury, one point in Butcher, three points in Brute Force, and one point in Martial Mastery

. Defense: two points in Block, two points in Recovery, one point in Unyielding, three points in Veteran’s Scars, one point in Juggernaut, three points in Hardiness, three points in Resistance, three points in Perseverance, one point in Reinforced Armor, one point in Second Wind, and one point in Legendary Guardian

. Utility: None

League of Legends - Olaf Guide Masteries

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– Written by LightningWhisper

– Edited by Williaf

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